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12th - 26th November

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Filofax Partnership
Chameleon Art Products and Filofax have formed an exciting partnership to bring two of their key products together.

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like no other

Unlock the world of color and discover what you can do with Chameleon Art Products.

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Be part of Chameleon Creative Community.

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Introducing the Chameleon Promise, our new commitment to our Creative Community

New lifetime guarantee / New money back guarantee

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Chameleon Pens

Create seamless color gradations with Chameleon Pens and bring simplicity to your art.

Close of Chameleon pen tips Collection of Chameleon pens
Chameleon Pens illustration

Chameleon Color Tops

Introducing a whole new way to blend color, get over 1000 color blending combinations.

Close of Chameleon pen tips Collection of Chameleon pens
Chameleon Color Tops illustration

Chameleon Pencils

The pencil that comes with two perfectly matched color pairs.
Just flip to blend.

Yellow and Orange twinned pencil Set of coloured pencils
Chameleon Pencils
Chameleon Books, Paper & Card

Books, paper & card

Designed to make coloring truly stress-free.



Art tools that are designed to last.

Chameleon Accessories


Chameleon Creative Community is a place to share ideas, ask questions and find new styles that will inspire your own work.

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Chameleon Community
Develop your talent

Develop your talent

Whatever your creative goals, our team of Chameleon experts are here to guide and encourage you as you develop.

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Who we are

Chameleon Art Products design and produce a family of professional quality, innovative art tools that will help you unlock the world of color.

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