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Accomplished artist Anna

Our accomplished artists live and breathe art. They earn a living from their artwork, whether it’s through temp gigs and commissions or teaching courses. They’re always looking for ways to be more innovative and inspired.


What challenges do they face?

Our artists always strive to produce creative work that inspires and interests their audience. They want to keep improving and pushing boundaries but it can be difficult when artist’s block hits or there’s lack of access to inspirational material. Digital art is also on the rise, creating competition for artists who specialize in traditional art and intricate penmanship. 

How can Chameleon Pens help?

Traditional art with pens can seem outdated and inefficient compared to digital art. But that’s not always the case. Chameleon Pens feature a unique Mixing Chamber where artists can create seamless color blends and access a range of different tones. Add finesse to your art arsenal and create bespoke, innovative masterpieces. 

Meet our artists, crafters, designers and illustrators:

Accomplished Artist Anna

Living and breathing art, our accomplished artists earn a living from their artwork. They’re always aiming to be more innovative in their tools, techniques and what they create. 

Student Steve

Creative, talented and driven, our students are trying to figure out how to turn their passion into a career. But they’re always eager to learn and try new things.

Aspiring Artist Alex

Our aspiring artists are ambitious and curious. They want to expand their portfolios and are constantly surrounded by hubs of creativity so inspiration can strike at any time.

Crafter Carol

Art is at the center of our crafters’ lives. From card making to sketching and painting, creating professional-looking work is always a top priority. 

Colorist Kate

Our colorists work with a range of artwork. It might be a hobby, but they’re driven to improve and are open to trying new tools and techniques.

Designer David

Our designers are passionate about innovation, being on-trend and standing out from the crowd. It’s a fast-paced industry so speed with precision is vital.