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Sonia Leong

Full-time illustrator, Sonia is an award winning comic artist who has been published in over 80 publications.




The all-powerful and skilled Sonia has created a sorceress to take on the world. By using her Chameleon Pens, Sonia was able to easily add in all the different color tones to create highlights, shading and shadows using only a handful of markers.


Silas is one of Sonia’s main characters from her light novel – A Brush with Magic. Sonia has brought her Elven Mage to life not with magic but with Chameleon Pens. The innovative Chameleon technology helps her to easily create smooth blends and transitions, which give Silas a serene composure.


Rua, the Vulpine Warrior, is another one of Sonia’s main characters from her light novel - A Brush with Magic. By using bold colors, Sonia has brought out the fiery personality of this fierce fox girl. 

"Chameleon products are truly unique in that they are tailor-made to produce beautifully smooth blends and gradients, which can be used to great effect by Manga artists for their illustrations. Rounded highlights, soft shadows and bright colours blending into each other are used often in digital media, so it's great to have pens which can do this on real paper!"

Sonia Leong


View Sonia's How to Guides

See how Sonia did it by following these easy-to-follow guides.

Coloring Veronique

Watch how Sonia adds color to one of her unique illustrations.

Shading skin

Sonia demonstrates the basics of shading skin.

How to draw manga

Sonia shows you how to draw a manga style face at a 3/4 view.

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Artist in action


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Artist in action


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