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10 handmade gift ideas for Christmas that people actually want

By Chameleon Art Products
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A handmade gift is personal and meaningful. It shows someone that you’ve taken the time to create something you think they’ll love, rather than just ordering something online. Just because it isn’t from their favourite store, it doesn’t mean it can’t be something they love. Here are the best handmade gift ideas for Christmas that they’ll actually want.

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Handmade Christmas gift ideas

Flavored salt or chutney jars

Not everyone has a sweet tooth. For the food lover in your life, create a set of flavored salt or chutney jars to enhance their meals. Find empty jars of any size and then add labels and the ingredients. Easy to make, decorate and cheap to put together.

Mason jar candles

Turn an ordinary mason jar into a luxury candle and convert it into a wonderful gift. It’s easy to find inexpensive wax online from retailers. Fill the jar, decorate it and you’re done. It’s simple, fast and can sit pride of place in the recipient’s home.

Homemade hand scrubs

You don’t have to pay over the odds to give amazing skincare products as gifts - you can make them yourself. Create an amazing exfoliating skin scrub using coconut oil, sugar, peppermint extract and food coloring. Perfect for those friends and family that love their beauty routine, especially if you only have around 15 minutes to make a gift.

Infused vodka

If you’re looking for the perfect adult-only Christmas gift, then how about this delicious treat?You can turn an ordinary bottle of vodka into amazing infused creations. With grapefruit zest and jalapenos, you can create delicious spicy citrus vodka. Perfect for keeping warm on those cold winter nights. You’ll need to give yourself plenty of time though, as the vodka needs around two months to infuse.

Christmas burlap star

A handmade Christmas decoration can be enjoyed every year. From a piece of burlap, you can create a stunning festive star that can sit pride of place on the tree. Olesya Kharkova actually made one using Chameleon Pens to color the embellishments. You can click here for a full guide on how to create your own burlap star.


Image by Olesya Andreyeva

Button bookmarks

With a paperclip, some glue and a button, you can create a cute bookmark that’s perfect for the literature lover in your life. Simply hot glue the paper clip to the back of the button. A small piece of felt can leave a smooth finish if required. It’s incredibly easy, costs no money and means they’ll never lose their page again.

Glitter canvas art

Canvas artwork can be expensive to buy, so it’s far easier to just make your own. With a plain canvas, a stencil, glue and a lot of glitter, you’re able to create something magical for their room or home.

Scrabble tree decorations

Everyone has a scrabble set lying around somewhere that they never use. Why not turn some of the tiles into amazing Christmas tree decorations? Hot glue the letters together and attach a ribbon to the back and you’re done. Perfect for the recipient’s name or just a festive word, like Santa or Noel.

A lump of coal

No, not really. This clever creation is perfect for that child that’s a little mischievous. It isn’t actually coal, it’s a quick and easy Rice Krispie cake that’s been made with black food coloring. Once made, place inside a festive bag or tin for the ultimate effect. Perfect for those that are on Santa’s naughty list.

Your very own recipe book

If you’re a pro in the kitchen and everyone’s always asking for your recipes, then this is the perfect gift for you to make. Take an ordinary diary or book and fill it with your famous recipes. Then decorate the front however you like to create your very own recipe book. Monica Maldarella did just that, using Chameleon Pens to enhance her wonderful colorings. Click here for Monica’s tutorial.

recipe book

Image by Monica Maldarella

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These fantastic handmade gifts are so good you’ll be reluctant to hand them over to your loved ones. You’ll save so much money and have that extra sense of satisfaction when you see their thrilled faces.

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