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Artistic Drawing Ideas from a Professional Illustrator

By Chameleon Art Products
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Welcome to the amazing world of stunning color blending!

If creative freedom, education, and the inspiration as well as the confidence to create the projects of your dreams interests you, then this Chameleon blog is for you. 😊

Joining us today to show you how you can color like no other, is our incredible featured contributor – Kate Mur! 

Meet our Featured Contributor

Kate Murr portrait photograph

Portrait of Kate Mur

"I am a professional artist and an Instagram blogger currently living and working in Moscow, Russia. I graduated from the local College of Arts in my hometown in Russian Far East before entering the University where I studied Interior design and Arts."

Kate’s Website | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook


Take your artwork to new heights with some seriously impressive blending techniques from Kate!

Learn how you can completely transform your art by incorporating effects such as color blends and overlays, pointillism, and mixed media.

What you will need to create stunning realistic art:

1. Chameleon Markers
2. Chameleon Pencils
3. Marker pen paper



So, you now know how your Chameleon Pens work, it’s time to see what you could create with these unique tools with the help of Kate! 


Butterfly drawing surrounded by Chameleon Pens & Chameleon Pencils

Artwork by Kate Mur