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Arty Christmas gifts for your significant other

By Chameleon Art Products
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Christmas and the holidays are perfect for spending close time with those who mean the most to you. 'Tis the season for partying, swapping gifts and making long-lasting memories with all of your family and friends.

At this special time of year, there is a lot of appreciation for thoughtful and meaningful gifts. And what better way to make the person who means the most to you feel special and loved with gifts that you’ve crafted yourself? Something with that added personal touch to make it a whole lot more sentimental.

We’ll cover:


Wall and doorknob hangings

It’s the little touches that help to make your house feel like a proper home, right?

Well, wall and doorknob hangings are the in thing to kit your home out with in 2019. These hangings are usually finished with motivational or heartfelt messages, but we’ve found that personalizing them with your own message is a great way to make it, even more, your own home.

Whether it’s a line to your partner’s favorite song, a sentimental message or a little quip that will bring a smile to their face every time they see it, there are plenty of different ways you can make these your own to good effect.

Plus, they’re super easy to make yourself and versatile too. Usually, they’re made out of wood, ceramic or even clay. So, find yourself a blank piece of the mentioned materials and have them cut into whatever shape you desire, then you’re good to go with your messaging. Chameleon Pens work on all of these materials, so there’s no need to worry that a few months down the line your message might’ve faded, it won’t have.

Once you’ve added the message, finish it off with a piece of hanging string so you can bring your walls and doorknobs to life and show this lovely gift idea off.


Message in a bottle

Does your other half know exactly how much they mean to you? Well, with this message in a bottle they’ll never forget. And it couldn’t be simpler to craft it yourself too. All you need is an empty glass bottle, a piece of decorative paper of your choice and a pen and your good to go.

Whether it’s something you’ve been too frightened to say before or just a nice message that you don’t want them to forget, this message in a bottle makes sure that it stays with them forever. Once you’ve written your message, roll up the paper and stick it in the bottle, how easy is that?

Once you’ve done this, stick a cork in the top of the bottle and decorate a gift box with a few shells to make it look like an authentic message bottle that has been washed up on the beach somewhere and you’re good to go!



Whether it’s to release a nice fragrance or to create a certain mood for your room, candles are a great gift at Christmas. Your loved one will almost certainly have a favorite scent, whether it’s one that reminds them of a fond memory or time of year or that they’re candle obsessives all year round.

You can use your Chameleon Pens to work on light tissue paper, which you can then melt into the candle wax. Alternatively, you can also use the pens to decorate the ceramic and glass holders that a lot of candles are displayed on. This gives you two opportunities to write the perfect message or draw an awesome design they’ll love. A great, thoughtful gift. View our tutorial below by Louise Dunbar for some great inspirational ideas.

Decorating Candles by Louise Dunbar - Tutorial


Retro candy jar

This is one present that you definitely can’t go wrong with, now who doesn’t love candy? Whether it’s pieces of chocolate or pieces of candy, take an empty glass jar and throw in a selection of all your partner’s favorites (the bigger the jar the better, of course).

Personalize this jar with a sweet poem or message to make it that extra bit special. Do this by cutting out a white oval shape from your choice of paper or card and gluing it to the front of the jar. We recommend you make your designs before you stick the oval shape to the jar as this can restrict your potential creativity. Check out Cathy Andronicou’s candy jar project for some great inspiration.

Glass Jar Christmas Stocking by Cathy Andronicou Sizzle


Present wrapping accessories

Ok, so you’ve seen the perfect gift in the store that you just couldn’t refuse to buy for your significant other. Well, you can still make this extra special by adding your own arts and crafts touch to it. When it comes to wrapping the present up, it’s going to need a name tag. Well, personalized gift tags are a great way to round off a perfect present.


Image by Monica Edwards

Take your festivities to the next level and recreate this fun, cool tag by Monica Edwards. As you can see, Monica used Chameleon Pens to add great detail and superb color blends to a very Christmassy snowman, Santa Claus and a reindeer too. For tips on the color combinations she’s used and how you can make these tags yourself, click here.


Get creative this Christmas!

What better way to get into the Christmas cheer than unleashing your creative side over the holidays? Whether it’s creating your own decorations, your Christmas cards or even crafting your gifts, enhance them all with Chameleon Pens.

With Chameleon Pens’ unique, innovative Mixing Chamber you can create the most Christmassy of color blends and tones. Get the perfect red for Rudolph’s nose or make your tree an explosion of impressive colors, with hundreds of tones possible from just 52 pens.

So, whether it’s gift ideas you’re looking for or tips on how to make your work as Christmassy as possible, we’ve created a free guide so that you don’t have anything stood in your way of getting into the Christmas spirit. Download it below for free and kick off this year’s holiday season. After all, it’s never too early, is it?

Christmas Guide CTA 2

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