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Card making ideas, get crafty with your stationery in 8 easy steps

By Chameleon Art Products
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Not only is card making a fantastically creative hobby and profession, it’s also so much fun! Plus, you can make something personal to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. 

No matter if you’re a complete newbie to the crafting world, or if you’ve been crafting before you could walk, Chameleon have a range of card making tutorials to suit all your needs and develop your talent.


Meet our featured contributor

cathy andronicou

A full-time crafter who turned her passion into a profession, Cathy makes TV appearances and offers demonstrations and workshops at craft events around the world. She's taught paper crafting for over seventeen years and worked as a designer for several companies. Cathy is regularly commissioned by art material suppliers to write master classes on how to use their products, for magazine publication.


Cathy’s Instagram | YouTube | Facebook

Cathy is here to show you how you can seriously up your crafting game with the brand-new Chameleon Fineliners!

What you’ll need to try out today’s techniques:


Now on to the part you’re all here for – Cathy’s card making tutorial!


Step 1:

Using the Elizabeth Crafts Patterns 1 Stamp Set, stamp the line boarder onto both ends of a piece of white card. We’re using Versafine Onyx Black ink.

Once this is done, stamp the borders onto a post it note and cut it out.

Card making step one

Step 2:

Place the cut post it note along the edge of the border.
Now we’re ready to start coloring!

To create the awesome rainbow effect we’re going to use a technique called color stacking.
Start with infusing the VO4 Fineliner with the BL6 lid for 6 seconds, then add the YL2 lid for 10 seconds, and finally add the RD4 lid for 6 seconds.

Once you’re done infusing, start coloring in the border. 

Is this your first time using your Chameleon Fineliners, you can watch our video on how they work here!

Card making step 2

Step 3:

To smooth out the edges, draw along the border using the BK4 Fineliner. 

Card making step 3 using Chameleon Fineliners

Step 4:

Stamp the numbers from Elizabeth Crafts Patterns 1 line in the center of the card, using Versafine Onyx Black ink.

Card making step 4

Step 5:

Using the RD4 Fineliner, infuse with the RD4 lid for 5 seconds and scribble in the centers of the 0 and 8.

For the 9, infuse the YL2 Fineliner with the BL6 lid for 3 seconds

Finally, for the 6, infuse the BL6 Fineliner with the VO4 lid for 1 second before coloring.

 Card making step 5


Step 6:

Stamp the flowers from the patterns 1 stamp set.
For the two largest flowers, scribble some ink from the RD4 and YL2 pen into a palette. Mix the colors together using water to create new shades, and color the petals. 

Card making step 6.1Card making step 6.2


Step 7:

For the flower centers, infuse the YL2 Fineliner with the RD4 lid before coloring.

Repeat steps 6 and 7 using the BL6 and VO4 Fineliners for the remaining flowers.

 Card making step 7


 Step 8:

Stamp XOXO from Patterns 1 Stamp Set using the Versafine ink.
Add some color to the stamp by infusing your YL2 Fineliner with the RD4 lid. Then add dots in the O’s.

Finish up by adding some sequins and mounting onto some pink card. Card making step 8


Finished card which includes flowers and sequins on the front cover

Want to get your hands on the Chameleon Fineliners?

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