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Chameleon Christmas Gift Guide 2020

By Chameleon Art Products
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Let’s be honest here, it’s never easy to pick the perfect Christmas gift. Not only do you want to pick something they need and will use, but you also want to get them something they’ll love and bring joy.

And when there’s so many different art companies around, it can be difficult to find a gift that is not only high quality but also unique and innovative. However, this won’t be a problem for long because we’ve created the perfect Christmas Gift Guide. So, whether you're looking to find a stocking filler, the ultimate present for your loved ones or simply compiling a wish list, we've got it all here! 😊  

To go straight to the section you want, click the links below:

- Stocking Fillers
- Creative Crafter
- Aspiring Artists and Teens
- Journaling and Calligraphy
- Accomplished Artists and Illustrators
- Bundles

Stocking Fillers

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas stocking filler?!

It’s easy enough to grab the Christmas stocking essentials, fluffy/novelty socks, toiletries, chocolate, etc. But what about that little something which will really light up their faces?

Fear not, because we’ve compiled some amazing Christmas stocking fillers
you can get for under £10/$10/10€.

1. AccessoriesChameleon accessories -  tweezers, pens, replaceable pen nibs & a ink refill kit Simple but will definitely be appreciated!

If the recipient already has Chameleon markers, then replacement nibs, tweezers (for ease when replacing the nibs), and ink refills will always go down a treat. Though, if you are buying someone an ink refill, make sure you find out what colors they have in their collection beforehand. 😊

However, if you’re Christmas shopping for someone who doesn’t have any Chameleon Art Products, then the Chameleon Detail Pen is a fantastic stocking filler. It’s 0.6mm and 0.4mm nibs make it perfect for writing and drawing.

Get Yours Here

2. Single Marker Pens

Red Chameleon Pen🎶 All the single pens 🎤 

Not only do our single markers make a killer Beyoncé parody, but they also make a great Christmas stocking filler. And when they come in 50 different colors, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Now, these aren’t just any alcohol marker art pen! These markers allow you to create amazing color gradations with wait for it … 1 pen.🤯

Watch our How Do Chameleon Pens Work video below to see what makes these innovative markers so unique.

Get Yours Here

3. Color Cards16 Chameleon Color CardsIdeal for anyone from colorists and crafters, to aspiring artists and kids these Chameleon Color Cards are a wonderful Christmas gift idea for everyone.

Featuring 16 cards (x2 of 8 different designs), printed on high-quality 300gsm card stock, and feature a full-size color and shading guide for each design these coloring packs are great for practicing mindful coloring, exploring new techniques, and they’re super fun! Plus, did we mention there are 8 different themes to choose from: 4 regular and 4 embossed.

Get Yours Here

Creative Crafter

1. Fineliners 

Chameleon FinelinersWrite, draw, doodle, and color like no other with these amazing color-blending Chameleon Fineliners. Featuring a 0.3mm nib these Chameleon Fineliners are perfect for coloring those small, detailed areas in your designs and stamps. Besides, who doesn’t want to write in rainbow colored blends.😄

Get Yours Here

2. Alcohol Marker Pens

Chameleon 22 Pen Deluxe SetChameleon Pens are so much more than a normal marker because they give you the power to change the color tone of your ink. Along with creating one pen blends, these high-quality pens are also permanent on most surfaces including paper, card, fabric, glass, plastic, and wood!

Also, if you combine your Chameleon Pens with our Color Tops, you can create stunning color to color blends.😊Get Yours Here

3. Coloring Books

Chameleon Poster Coloring Book - Lori's Art GardenWelcome to Lori’s Art Garden! Home to 20 stunning designs printed on poster board - meaning you can use so many different mediums and really explore your creativity. Plus, the perforated pages make for easy removal so you can display your finished pages or even incorporate them into a project.

Get Yours Here

Aspiring Artists and Teens

1. Intro Kit

Chameleon Introductory KitIf you’ve never tried Chameleon Art Products before then this is the perfect kit to give you a taste of how the amazing Chameleon system lets you color like no other!

With just 3 Chameleon Pens and 2 Chameleon Color Tops you can create over 20 brilliant color tones and blends. Just imagine what you could do with all 50 colors in the Chameleon Pens and Color Tops collection!

The Chameleon Introductory Kit has been designed with a bright color palette and the affordable price makes it great for just about anyone to try out this innovative and unique system.

Get Yours Here

2. Colored Pencils

Chameleon Pencil Set 25 PencilsWhat do you look for in your colored pencils?? Is it the quality, pigmented colors, or perhaps the selection of colors available?

If so, then don’t go anywhere because Chameleon Pencils are not only highly pigmented and artist-quality, but they’re also break resistant, and pre-sharpened. But that’s not all, these specially designed Chameleon Pencils have been paired with the perfect color to blend with … just “FLIP” the pencil to blend!

Get Yours Here

3. Coloring Books

Chameleon Poster Coloring Book - Mandalas Gone WildGo wild with your Christmas gifts this year and treat your loved ones to a coloring book designed by accomplished tattoo artist and Instagram personality Dino Tomic! 

Combining incredible animal portraits and stunning mandalas, the Chameleon Coloring Book - Mandalas Gone Wild features 20 amazing designs for you to enjoy. 

But that’s not all! Along with being hardbacked and spiral-bound, the pages are perforated for easy removal AND printed on high-quality card stock that works with multiple mediums, including alcohol markers.😊Get Yours Here

4. Marker PensThe Chameleon Color & Blending System 5Now, this is a dream Christmas present for any aspiring artist!

Everything you need to create amazing color gradations and blends is available in The Chameleon Color & Blending System! Combining the multi-award-winning Chameleon markers and the viral sensation Chameleon Color Tops, each of the 10 different packs give artists color blending options like never before. But just in case that wasn’t enough, the markers and Color Tops are refillable, and the nibs are also replaceable. Making the Chameleon System a tool designed to last a long time.😊

Get Yours Here

5. Unique Stationery

Chameleon Fineliners 6 PacksNo stationery collection or pencil case would be complete without these game-changing pens!

Transform your writing, drawing, doodling, and coloring with these color blending Chameleon Fineliners. Thanks to their dual ink system (there’s ink in both the pens and the caps) you can create multi-colored blends and writing in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is place the cap from another Chameleon Fineliner on your pen for a few seconds and watch in amazement as the Chameleon Fineliner transitions from one color to another.

Get Yours Here

Journaling and Calligraphy

1. Clipbook and Marker SetFilofax A5 Clipbook & Chameleon Pens BundleGet ready for the ultimate bundle for the crafty and creative!

Including a Filofax A5 White Clipbook which is perfect for all your journaling and notetaking, and a selection of Chameleon markers and Color Tops which you can use to customize the cover.

Get Yours Here

2. Alcohol Marker PensThe Chameleon Color & Blending System 3Designed for creatives, each of the 10 packs in The Chameleon Color & Blending System collection will create over 50 color tones and blends. These high-quality markers are perfect for a multitude of art styles and techniques and thanks to the ability to create one pen blends, adding dimension and shading has never been so easy.Get Yours Here

3. Fineliner Collection

Chameleon Fineliners 48 pack Brilliant ColorsIdeal for writing, intricate coloring, doodling, and drawing these color-blending Chameleon Fineliners are a must have stationery item for your journals, notebooks, and more!

As Chameleon Fineliners have a patented dual ink system (ink in the pen and in the caps) to instantly blend color all you have to do is switch the cap with another pen and leave it for a few seconds. Then watch in amazement as your pen will transition from one color to another.

Along with being water-based, featuring a 0.3mm metal-clad nib, and dry safe ink, these Chameleon Fineliners also won’t bleed through most papers.

Get Yours Here

Accomplished Artists and Illustrators

1. High-Quality Marker Pens

Chameleon 52 Pen Super SetProfessional quality, refillable, and has replaceable nibs the Chameleon marker is not only a fantastic traditional marker but it’s also unique. For simple, seamless, color gradations 1 marker is all you need! Each pen goes from as light as a hint of a tint to rich tones, thus eliminating tonal gaps in your collection. All this is possible by infusing your pen with the Mixing Chamber.

Chameleon Color TopsFor even more color blending possibilities try combining your 50 Chameleon markers with the 50 Chameleon Color Tops to create easy color to color blends.

Get Yours Here

2. Fineliners Every Artist NeedsChameleon Fineliners 24 pack Bold ColorsPerfect for writing, drawing, and coloring intricate areas, these unique Chameleon Fineliners are a must-have in your art arsenal!

Filled with dry-safe water-based ink, these pens are ergonomically designed and feature a fine point Japanese precision 0.3mm metal-clad tip for super smooth writing performance. Now, you can use these Chameleon Fineliners like a traditional pen, but you can also instantly blend 2, 3, or even 4 different colors together. All this is possible thanks to the patented dual ink system. Because there’s ink in the pen and the cap, to create a color blend all you need to do is place another cap on your Chameleon Fineliner for a few seconds.

Get Yours Here


Bundle of Chameleon Art ProductsRanging from markers and Color Tops, to pencils and coloring supplies there is such a variety of bundles available at Chameleon Art Products that there really is something for everyone!

Not only do they make fabulous Christmas gifts but, if you love a bargain, the added value and savings make them well worth it. 😉

Get Yours Here

If you’re loving the look of the products mentioned throughout the blog then why don’t you join The Chameleon Creative Community? It’s a group full of people like yourself sharing projects, tips, recommendations, and most importantly having fun and connecting with fellow creatives.😊

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