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Chameleon Color of the Week - Deep Violet VO4

By Chameleon Art Products
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Introducing our Color of the Week...

Deep Violet VO4-1

This week it's all about our Deep Violet VO4, as it’s Stress Awareness Month and the color violet can have a very calming effect on us.

Fun fact: The color name Violet derives from the Middle English and Old French Violets, in turn from the Latin Viola name of the violet flower.

Artwork Featuring our Color of the Week

Butterfly & flower artwork colored in with a Chameleon Pen Deep Violet VO4Artwork by Ian De Jesus

Portrait artwork colored in with Chameleon art supplies

Artwork by Ana Filipa Viegas


Deep Violet VO4 Art Supplies 

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Chameleon Pen Deep Violet VO4Chameleon Pen Deep Violet VO4

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Download our FREE Coloring Pages

Hot air balloon coloring page

Line art by Jonathan Olaiz


Zen line art design coloring page

Line art by Victoria Grundy

Download line art here

Here at Chameleon, we LOVE to see all your amazing artwork! If you share on social media your completed coloring page, don't forget to tag us.

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