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Handmade Jewelry - How to Make Flower Earrings

By Cathy Andronicou
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Did you know Chameleon Pens work on surfaces other than paper? Tanya shows us how to create flower earrings using Chameleon Pens and Shrink Plastic.

Beautiful pair of red flower earrings placed on a white mug

Created by Tanya Batrak

Tanya said "I like to challenge myself by creating the unusual projects. And the ability of Chameleon Pens to color the different surfaces is of great help to me."

These earrings create a great fashion statement, if you would like to make a pair to wear you can download the Chameleon Flower Earings instructions here.

Graphic with a picture of a red flower earring and text that reads "Free photo step out instructions - click anywhere in this box to download"