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11 Christmas craft ideas for adults

By Chameleon Art Products
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Christmas is the season of giving but instead of buying a gift or decoration, why don’t you create one by hand? It’s fun to make and allows you to craft a wonderfully personalized present or ornament for the home. Here are 11 merry Christmas craft ideas for adults to get you started.

Holiday craft ideas

1. Christmas wreaths

Rather than splashing out on some extravagant wreath for your front door or fireplace, create your own using some flea market or thrift store finds.

Some ideas of the materials you could use include:

  • Tinsel.
  • Fairy lights.
  • Strings of bells.
  • Handkerchiefs.
  • Patterned scraps of fabric.

All you’d need to do is to tie lengths of whichever material you chose. Layer these lengths multiple times over a Styrofoam wreath and secure it. Add a Christmas embellishment such as a bow or a bell.

2. Wine cork angels

We all love to pop open a bottle of wine during the holidays but rather than throwing away those corks, save them to transform into adorable little angel decorations. Simply draw a little face onto a styrofoam ball and attach it onto the top of a cork. Then, tie a piece of ribbon into a bow and fix onto the back of the cork.

If you want to hang these on your Christmas tree, attach a looped piece of string.

3. DIY candles

Making homemade candles is easy, inexpensive and a great way to create a personalized scent. All you’d need is some wax (paraffin, soy or beeswax are the most common), wick, fragrance oil, double boiler and a container to put it in.

Take it one step further by decorating the container. Transform a plain glass, wooden or ceramic container (that you can easily purchase from the dollar store) into an adorable snowman, penguin or other wintery characters using buttons, pom-poms and ribbons. Or you could draw on them.

4. Wooden crate Christmas tree painting

This one’s super fun to create with the kids. Find a shipping crate (you can easily get one from somewhere like Amazon or a handy store) and paint or color in a Christmas tree onto the back. Embellish with pom-poms, bits of tinsel, glittery stars or even fasten fairy lights.

5. Pinecone elves

Pinecones are everywhere in fall and winter. Collect a bunch of them from your backyard or local park and dip them in colored paint. We recommend gold or silver. Then, stick a styrofoam ball onto the top of them and add faces. Finish by wrapping them in tiny felt scarves and hats (super easy to make) and you’ve got your pinecone elves.

Pinecone christmas decoration

Image by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

6. Paint chip tree decoration

The next time you go to the paint store, make sure you take some samples. You can then cut these chips into different festive shapes, such as fairy lights or stars, and attach them to a length of string.

Check out a cool tutorial on how to pull it off here.

7. Mini yarn Christmas trees

Create colorful and quirky mini Christmas trees for the home using yarn. All you’d need are styrofoam cones, yarn in multiple colors, wooden toy wheels, dowel rods and gold glitter paper/card.

Wrap the yarn tightly around the cones. Glue the dowel rods in between the wheels and fasten this to the base of each cone. Cut out star shapes in the glitter card and stick to the top of the tree. And voila.

Follow this awesome, easy-to-follow tutorial on how to do it here.

8. Biscuit tin Christmas tree

Save those metal biscuit tins to make a funky Christmas tree. Just stack the tins, from largest at the bottom to smallest at the top, and glue into place. Then wrap with tinsel or some form of festive garland. Attach a little star or angel at the top (like the wine cork angel) and you’ve got yourself one retro-looking ornament.

9. Hanky Christmas tree

Have you got a bulletin board that’s empty or you simply want to spruce it up for the holidays? Grab some hankies (we recommend colorful, patterned ones and around 10 of them) and use push pins to secure them to the board. Layer them so they form a triangle. Then, decorate with a bright bow at the top.

10. Wooden festive signs

Spread joy and merriment with a homemade wooden sign. Simply take a plank of wood and paint a winter scene or festive phrase/song lyric/word onto the plank.

For example, you could paint the word “Joy” and use baubles to create the letter “o” - like Liz Marie did in her blog.

11. Handmade Christmas greeting cards

Put your creative skills at work by creating a lovely handmade Christmas card. Take some inspiration from this blog here or you could create a shaker card. Chameleon’s very own artist, Cathy Andronicou has a super easy-to-follow tutorial which you can check out here.

Santa's hat shaker card

Image by Cathy Andronicou

Chameleon Pens are the perfect tools for holiday craft projects

All of these craft ideas are really easy and quick to complete, but if you want to take your creations to the next level, try Chameleon Pens.

Chameleon Pens might look like your standard set of alcohol-based markers but they’re more than that. They’ve got an innovative Mixing Chamber which allows you to access multiple color tones with just a single pen. You no longer need to own or shuffle through many different shades of one color anymore and use a blending pen. Just a few seconds in the Mixing Chamber is all you need to create a seamless tonal gradation.

What’s even better is that Chameleon Pens are permanent markers - even on materials like wood (although not lightfast). That means you can easily use them to color in a bunch of the ideas we mentioned above. For example, your wooden festive sign, crate painting, cork angels or the glass containers for candles.

Want even more crafting inspiration?

DIY craft projects are a great way to make your Christmas even more personal and memorable than the last. These 11 ideas aren’t the only ones we have up our sleeves. Our Christmas Creativity Pack has even more projects you can complete over the holiday season. From tree ornaments to table centerpieces and projects you can create with the kids, you’ll be elbows deep in creativity.

Ready to get your craft on? Download it below.

Christmas Guide CTA 1


Title Image by freestocks.org from Pexels

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