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    3 Christmas tree ornaments to make this year

    Homemade Christmas tree ornaments can make the season both bright and merry. Plus, it’s a great way to add a personalized touch and get the whole family involved with crafting. From shaker baubles to pieces featuring pictures of your loved ones, here are three great Christmas tree ornaments you should make this year.

    We’ll be covering three easy-to-follow tutorials in this blog. See one that you just have to try? Just click on one of the headings below and you can skip directly to that section!


    1. Christmas snow globe

    DIY Christmas snow globe

    Image by Olesya Andreyeva


    What you’ll need:

    • From the Chameleon 22 Pen Deluxe Set, Bark (BR5), Hot Cocoa (BR2), Fawn (NU3), Summer Sun (YL2), Warm Sunset (YO3), Summer Sun (YL2), Spring Meadow (YG3), Grass Green (GR3), Aqua Marine (BG4), Crimson Red (RD4), Deep Black (BK4), Detail Pen.
    • Hot off the Press Welcome Home stamp set.
    • Scrapstamping fir trees stamps.
    • A plastic ball that can be opened up. Or, you can use a plastic jar that has a secure lid.
    • Glitter glue.
    • Dry glitter.
    • Sintepone flakes.
    • A bell.
    • Gold metallic yarn.
    • Wooden embellishments (Santa Claus).
    • A white gel pen.
    • Card stock.
    • Foam tape.
    • Liquid glue.


    What to do:

    1. Stamp your images onto a piece of card stock. Then, you'll need to color each image in using the Bullet Nibs of your Chameleon Pens...

    Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 09.31.35

    Image by Olesya Andreyeva

    The trees - infuse the Grass Green for two seconds and color the shadows under the fir boughs. Then, infuse the Spring Meadow pen for two seconds and blend it into the Grass Green sections.

    The sign - infuse the Bark pen for five seconds and color in the bottom of the letters in the word "Love". Then, infuse the Crimson Red for two seconds and use it to color in the top half of "Love". Don't forget to blend it into the Bark-colored sections! Finally, use Fawn to color in the sign's background without infusing. 

    The red house - infuse the Bark pen for five seconds and color in the darkest parts of the house. Blend it out with the Hot Cocoa pen (without infusing). For the final layer, use Crimson Red (infused for two seconds).

    For the roofs, use the same combination of Bark and Hot Cocoa as the body of the house. Use the Fawn pen without infusing for all the light brown sections. For the windows, use a combination of Summer Sun and Warm Sunset without infusing. Blend them like you would with regular markers.

    The green house - infuse the Aqua Marine pen for four seconds and color in the darkest green sections. Infuse the Grass Green pen for four seconds and blend it into the Aqua Marine sections. For the final layer, use the Spring Meadow pen. You'll want to infuse it for around six to seven seconds and then blend away! 

    2. Now that you've got the coloring out of the way, it's time to move onto crafting!

    Take your plastic ball and wash it in warm water. Then, rub it with a soft towel to dry it and get rid of any dirt, dust, fingerprints and so on. 

    Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 09.36.44

    Image by Olesya Andreyeva

    Note:  If you can't find a plastic ball/globe that opens up into two halves like ours, don't worry! You can easily use a jar. We recommend plastic because it's lighter and can hang onto a Christmas tree without pulling the branches down. Just make sure the lid can be securely fastened on - you don't want the insides of your snow globe falling out. 

    3. Lightly dot the insides of your ball with glitter glue. Then, leave it aside so it can dry completely. 

    Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 09.41.18Be delicate when you're making your glitter glue marks. You want them to be lightly scattered rather than completely coating the glass.

    4. Take a piece of sintepone and tear it into small sections. This makes it easier to work with.

    Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 09.43.21

    Image by Olesya Andreyeva

    5. Draw snow and icicles onto your houses and fir trees using the white gel pen. Then, stick the two houses (red and green) back to back using two layers of foam tape. 

    Stick the trees to the houses using foam tape. Then, use liquid glue to adhere the sintepone to the bottom of the house. This mimics snow banks.

    Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 09.47.07Image by Olesya Andreyeva

    6. Stick your wooden Santa Claus decoration to both sides of the house. Then, place the whole thing inside the ball, adhere it to the bottom, add some dry glitter and close the ball!

    Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 09.50.31Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 09.50.52How your snow globe should now look from both sides.

    7. Finish off your snow globe by adding a looped red ribbon and tying it on. Then, make a loop with the gold metallic yawn and hang a small bell with the "Love makes a house a home" stamped sign. 


    Image by Olesya Andreyeva

    And voila! Your snow globe is complete. Adorable, right?

    2. Personalized family bauble

    Image by Tanya Batrak

    This one follows a similar principle to the shaker bauble - but without all the shaker features. It’s a great way to create a unique tree decoration that features your family photos. Perhaps you could make a different one each year and see how your kids grow up.

    This one’s been adapted from a Christmas layout tutorial. If you’d like to make a layout like Tanya, follow the steps here. But if baubles are your thing, carry on reading.

    What you’ll need:

    • Chameleon Pens in Warm Sunset (YO3), Olive Green (OL3), Crimson Red (RD4), Hot Cocoa (BR2) and Bark (BR5).
    • A copy of our free Christmas coloring page (download it here).
    • Craft knife.
    • A family photo.
    • Some ribbon.
    • Glue.
    • Double-sided foam tape.
    • OPTIONAL: A pencil or Chameleon Detail Pen.
    • OPTIONAL: Card.

    What to do:

    1. In the original tutorial, Tanya used one of our free coloring pages (which you can download here) But you can create your own image if you want. Just take the card, a pen or pencil and draw away.

    If you’re using the coloring page, print out three copies. We’ll be layering them.

    Image by Tanya Batrak

    2. Start by cutting out the circle. Discard it. Then, color in the bow and berries using Crimson Red (RD4) and Warm Sunset (YO3).

    Color in the leaves with Olive Green (OL3). Use Hot Cocoa (BR2) and Bark (BR5) to add shadows to the leaves. Remember to fuse them all three in their Mixing Chambers for two seconds.

    Image by Tanya Batrak

    3. With the other two copies of the coloring page, color each of the elements (the bow, berries and leaves) in the same way. Then, cut them out and use double-sided foam tape to stick them onto the original page. This creates a 3D effect.

    4. Stick your family photo behind this image so it’s visible through the circle hole. Then, carefully cut around the whole image. Leave a small outline (around an inch) so the thinner parts of your image don’t snap off.

    5. Now, loop the ribbon and stick it behind the piece. And you’re done!

    3. Burlap star

    What’s more magical than a homemade Christmas star decoration for your tree? Most stars will be made from metal or wood, but you can make yours much more unique by using burlap. It’ll definitely stand out.

    Image by Olesya Andreyeva

    What you’ll need:

    • Chameleon Pens in Burgundy (RD5), Crimson Red (RD4), Evergreen (GR4), Dark Sage (GR2), Spring Meadow (YG3), Warm Sunset (YO3).
    • Memento Tuxedo Black ink.
    • Lesia Zgharda poinsettia stamp FL175.
    • A piece of burlap.
    • A piece of white smooth fabric.
    • Embellishments.


    What to do:

    1. Take your burlap fabric and sew it into a star shape by hand or using the sewing machine. Then, fill it with padding to make it soft.

    Image by Olesya Andreyeva

    2. Use the Memento Tuxedo Black ink to stamp the images onto the piece of white fabric. Then, it’s time to color.

    The darkest areas should be colored in with Burgundy (RD5). Fuse the nib for around one to two seconds. Then, use Crimson Red (RD4) without fusing to blend it all out. Stop 1mm before you reach the borders of the stamped image as the ink will bleed.

    Image by Olesya Andreyeva

    3. For the leaves, use Evergreen (GR4) for the darkest areas. You’ll need to fuse Evergreen for one to two seconds. Then, fuse Dark Sage (GR2) for one to two seconds and color in the rest of the leaf, taking care to blend out Evergreen. Finish off with Spring Meadow (YG3) without fusing.

    Image by Olesya Andreyeva

    4. Embellish your burlap star using whatever materials you want. Olesya used cotton lace trimmings, but here are some ideas to get the ball rolling:

    • Sequins.
    • Rhinestones.
    • Tassels.
    • Pom poms.

    A big red bow should be at the center of attention on this star. So, keep this in mind when choosing your embellishments.

    Image by Olesya Andreyeva

    5. Attach the red bow to the star and attach a looped piece of string or ribbon.

    And your decoration is ready to be hung up!

    Image by Olesya Andreyeva


    Want to get your craft on over the Christmas holidays?

    Christmas tree ornaments aren’t the only things you can make. How about table centerpieces, greeting cards and crackers? You can even make some lovely personalized gifts by hand.

    For all of these tutorials and more, download a copy of our Christmas Creativity Pack below. Our fun collection of seasonal craft projects will certainly keep you and your family busy this holiday.

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