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    Chameleon Art Products

    Welcome to the amazing world of one pen blends!

    Are you tired of needing a million green pens to color in a leaf?

    Or sick of fumbling through 200 markers to find that one specific shade of blue you need because it’s a fraction lighter than all the other ones you have, and without it the world is over?

    Luckily for you this is now a thing of the past.  

    We’ve designed a unique and innovative marker pen which allows you to do something no other can.



    Color like no other with the help of our revolutionary Chameleon Pens!

    Using just one pen, you can easily create amazing color gradations, multiple color tones, highlights, shading and shadows.

    Which is why for the entire month of May, we’re celebrating what makes Chameleon so different and how you can use our unique tools to create some amazing projects and artwork, using only one pen.

    Though, when you have a pen that does the blending for you there’s no end to what you can achieve.

    theivisby Theavies Art


    Now, we know what your next question will be. “These look great, but, how can you do so much with only one pen?”

    You’ll be pleased to know the answer is straightforward and simple!

    Just infuse your pen with its Mixing Chamber by placing the chamber on top of your pen nib then, watch in amazement as your pen transitions from a hint of a tint, through the mid tones and back to the original color.

    Watch the video below to see for yourselves how our amazing pens work.  





    Not only does this month's theme come with some amazing tips, projects, and inspiration, we also have a month-long competition!



    The rules are super simple...

    Just color in your drawing or coloring page using one pen.

    This can be any pen you want, but if you use a Chameleon Pen then you've got an advantage.

    Once you're done coloring, take a photo of your piece with the pen you used included in the photo and submit using the submission link below.


    The prizes are as follows: 

    1st place - a set of our colored pencils and a 52 pen set. 

    The 5 runners up - a set of our colored pencils and a 5 pen pack of their choice. 


    You've got until the competition closes on the 31st May to get all your entries in. :)

    Good luck!

    Submit here


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