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Drawing Tutorial: Coloring Techniques with Fineliners Manga

By Chameleon Art Products
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Maybe it’s 1,000 pens, maybe it’s amazing color blending fineliners.

Either way, here’s a stress-free way of creating portraits that are full of life and color.

Because your art is worth so much more than ordinary fineliners, we’re showing you how you can create the hair of your dreams using only a handful of our color blending Chameleon Fineliners.

Want to know how you can create incredible, color blends using one Fineliner? It’s super simple!

All you need to do is swap your fineliner caps… or as we like to call it “hop the top.” Hold the fineliner vertically for a couple of seconds, and the fineliner will do the blending for you.

Blend times for Chameleon Fineliners

Think that was amazing, wait till you hear the best part!

You can get really creative and blend multiple colors together by fusing with multiple caps.


Blending diagram testing Chameleon Fineliners



Meet today’s featured contributor

Portrait photograph of Evaly

Evaly is originally from Montreal, Quebec where she studied Visual Arts at Dawson College and Concordia University, specializing in Drawing and Painting. She now calls East Van home and is a regular on the East Side Culture Crawl. Her work has been shown in Solo and Group Exhibitions in Montreal and Vancouver as well as Commercial Galleries. Inspired by music, poetry and nature, her body of work over the last ten years has featured an evolving exploration of intuition, gestural expression and color symbolism and in the recent years has gradually included an illustrative narrative that is a return to her roots as a figurative artist. Her performance pieces - large scale paintings created in response to live music - were featured in the Vancouver Sun and the CBC News. She is also the author of Art Essentials an Art Education book for kids created for Chameleon Pens. 

Evaly’s website

Want to see for yourself how you can create one pen color blends using Chameleon Fineliners? Watch our 'How Chameleon Fineliners Work' Video below!


Now that you know how to create some super cool color blends, it’s time to grab your free coloring page download and color along with Evaly! 

What you need to draw the girl with 5 colors in her hair…

- Chameleon Fineliners
- Coloring Page Download 


Line art of a manga girls character face portrait

Download Line Art

Download Tutorial


Want to get your hands on the Chameleon Fineliners?