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How to Color with Marker Pens, Coloring Tutorial with Printable Adult Coloring Pages.

By Chameleon Art Products
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Bold, vibrant, and permanent on most surfaces alcohol-based markers are a fantastic medium to use for so many different art and craft projects.
It’s pretty well-known that creating amazing color gradations and blends with marker pens can be tricky. But what if we told you it’s not only quick and easy to do but can also be achieved using just one pen?

Here to make your color blending dreams a reality, the Chameleon system will revolutionize the way you color.

Keep reading to meet the amazing artist behind this tutorial, learn how to color & blend with markers like a pro, and grab your free coloring page!

Artist bio

Olesya-AndreyevaHi, my name is Olesya Andreyeva and I’m from Russia. I’ve been paper crafting since 2011 and I spend most of my time cardmaking and coloring.
I like to tell a story with my projects and make the images come alive with coloring, so to speak. My first ever alcohol markers were Chameleon Pens – I fell in love at once. Not long after they released their very own pencils and it was jaw-dropping to see how amazing they worked together. These mediums are now my favorite. 

View more of Olesya's amazing work here!

Instagram | Blog YouTube 

How to Blend Marker Pens for a Smooth Finish! 

Art colored with BR2 Hot Cocoa Chameleon Pen by Olesya Andreyeva

Art by Olesya Andreyeva. 

Thanks to the Chameleon system, blending color with marker pens is as easy as 1,2,3! 


How to use a Chameleon Pen color BR2 Hot Cocoa

To create seamless color gradations simply infuse your Chameleon Pen with the Mixing Chamber - the longer you infuse your pen, the longer your color blend will be. 

Step 1: 
Place the Mixing Chamber on top of your pen nib so that the two nibs in the chamber are touching. 

Step 2:
Hold your pen vertical (with the Mixing Chamber above your pen) and infuse for anywhere between 1 and 35 seconds. 

Step 3: 
Remove your Mixing Chamber and color. 


See how the magic happens here!  

Like what you see and want to know more about how these unique marker pens work? Read our How Chameleon Pens Work blog here! 


Now that you know how you can create color gradations with just one marker pen, it's time to start getting creative.  

Materials used:

  • Chameleon Pen (we've used BR2, Hot Cocoa
    Chameleon Pen Hot Cocoa BR2Shop Now
  • Olesya's amazing line art which you can download below. 
    Crispy Leaf - Olesya Andreyeva LR



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