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Mixed Media: Combining Watercolors with Markers Artist Tutorial

By Chameleon Art Products
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Our watercolors with markers theme is all about how you can explore your creativity through new techniques and mixed mediums.

Which is why we wanted to share a mixed media technique you probably haven’t tried yet.

Introducing a new contributor to our blog, Angela (A.K.A Theavies.art) is here to show you how you can layer Chameleon Pens and watercolors to create amazing effects and shading.


Meet today’s featured contributor


Hello, I'm Angela, I'm almost 23 and I'm a self-taught artist.

I love to experiment with multiple mediums - not only do I use markers, watercolors, and colored pencils, I also like to create digital art.

Art's been my passion since forever, and I can't imagine living without creating. I work hard each day to improve and my main goal is to just enjoy what I do... and have at least a few other people enjoy it as well :)


Angela’s DeviantArt
Angela’s Instagram
Angela’s YouTube
Angela’s Facebook


To dive into today’s tutorial you’ll need:  


Color along with Angela, with the help of her tutorial and free line art!



Theavies Lineart

Click the image above to download the lineart


Want to join in with this month’s watercolor with markers theme?

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