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Create Cool Art with ONE Marker Pen Video & Coloring Page Download

By Chameleon Art Products
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Do you dream of being able to color like no other?

Well, we're about to make that dream into reality! 
In this awesome blog post (we're totally not biased) you'll learn how to create amazing coloring projects with only, ONE marker pen. 

Create stunning color gradations and effects thanks to this technique, and the best bit - it's super quick, easy, and fun to do. 

Keep reading to find out how you transform your art with a pen that does the blending for you and grab some amazing coloring page downloads for free. 

But first, let's meet the fabulous artist behind our cool gray-toned project.  

Artist bio

Portrait Cathy

Cathy Lasam is an artist, paper sculptor, colorist, and teacher. She is passionate about the arts and everything colorful. Cathy juggles her time between teaching, coloring, painting, and being a mom to her son.

View more of Cathy’s amazing work here!

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Gears cogs artwork design Chameleon Pen Cool Gray CG9 art supplies marker brush bullet nib

Cathy quote

How to Create Color Blends with Alcohol-Based Marker Pens? 

Now, you can use the traditional method of selecting 3+ pens within the same color family and layer them until you achieve the desired blend OR you can discover the Chameleon effect. 
Thanks to the innovative blending technology in the Chameleon Pens, the pen does the blending for you. 

Transitioning from a hint of a tint through the mid-tones and back to the original color with one marker pen is so easy to do. 



Creating one pen blends is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!


How to use Chameleon Pens

Step 1: 
Place the Mixing Chamber on top of your pen nib so that the two nibs in the chamber are touching. 

Step 2:
Hold your pen vertical (with the Mixing Chamber above your pen) and infuse for anywhere between 1 and 35 seconds. 

Step 3: 
Remove your Mixing Chamber.  

Step 4: 

See how Chameleon Pens work here!



For more information on how these unique and innovative marker pens work, read our How Chameleon Pens Work blog here! 




Watch how Cathy has colored her gears design with only one marker pen.

Materials used:

  • Chameleon Pen - we've used Cool Gray 9, CG9. 
    Chameleon Brush Bullet Pen color Cool Gray CG9

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  • Cathy's amazing line art which you can download below.

    Gears -  Cathy Lasam Ballo LR


Looking for more inspiration?



Art by Eliane Federzoni using the NG4 Chameleon Pen & CG9 Color Top. 


chameleon marker pens queen illustration by tattoo artist Deborah Soares Dehtattoocolor (1)

Art by Deborah Soares using Chameleon Pens. 

believe you can and youre halfway there Theodore Roosevelt calligraphy lettering quote by inviting writing with chameleon color & blending system pack 9

Calligraphy by Inviting Writing using Chameleon Color & Blending System Pack 9. 


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