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    Chameleon Art Products

    Cray cray for clay clay

    Clay’s a great medium to use in your arts and crafts projects. From artistic sculptures and ornaments to useful utensils, you can shape clay into anything you like. And have lots of fun coloring in the finished product.

    Super cray for clay? Be inspired by this work…

    Cleoscc sculpted a goblin doll using Super Sculpey Light Skin and used pens from the Chameleon Pens’ 5 Skin Tones pack to add in some realistic highlights. She started with the head and slowly began to work on the body.



    Image by Spider (cleoscc)

    The result was Nigel, the goblin doll who looks very lifelike - thanks to Cleoscc’s remarkable handiwork and Chameleon Pens adding in some realistic elements. See more of her stunning work on her Instagram here.


    Image by Spider (cleoscc)

    Cathy Andronicou created little necklaces out of polymer clay. She stamped an image onto the clay, cut around sections and used Chameleon Pens to color the circles in. 

     Screenshot 2018-10-08 at 10.25.21

    She finished up by coating the little clay pieces in resin and left them to dry for 24 hours. Want to see how Cathy did it? Watch the step-by-step video below!

    Check out more of Cathy Andronicou's awesome artwork with Chameleon Pens here.

    Chameleon Pens are incredibly versatile. From drawing on paper and card to cushions and crochet, you can use your pens on many different surfaces. You can even use them to decorate your clay projects. Here are five reasons why and some decorating ideas to inspire you.

    The best things about Chameleon Pens are that:

    • The ink dries quickly and is permanent.
    • The ink can be layered.
    • You can get multiple color tones with just a few pens.
    • You can get seamless color blends.
    • They’re easy to use.

    The ink dries quickly and is permanent

    Chameleon Pens are alcohol-based markers, meaning that the ink’s dye is suspended in alcohol. Alcohol is a fast drying solvent and in particular, is much quicker drying than water or glycerin.

    Because Chameleon Pens are alcohol-based, it means that the ink is permanent on most surfaces - including paper, wood, fabric and clay. They won’t wash off once the inks have dried, so you can safely color your designs without worrying they’ll smudge or come off.

    Note: Alcohol markers are dye-based, so they’re not light fast. If you want your clay projects to have archival qualities, keep them away from artificial or direct sunlight, or store them behind UV coated glass.

    The ink can be layered

    Another great quality of alcohol markers is that the inks can be layered. In particular, you can use Chameleon Pens to create overlays which is handy if you want to add a striking look to your work or you simply want to cover up a mistake.

    Top tip: Use yellows to brighten up your work or grays to tone them down.

    You can get multiple color tones with just a few pens

    The unique thing about Chameleon Pens is you can get more color tones with fewer pens than a full set of other alcohol-based markers. This is because of the innovative Mixing Chamber. All you have to do is fuse your Chameleon Pen nib (either the Bullet Nib or the Super Soft Japanese Brush Nib) in the Mixing Chamber for a few seconds and you can access multiple color tones with just a single pen.

    You no longer need to invest in multiple tones of one color anymore. This is both more cost effective and convenient as you can use one pen to get those different tones of, say, Purple Grape (PR4). And when you have all 50 Chameleon Pens, you’ll be able to access more color tones than hundreds of regular alcohol-based markers.

    You can get seamless color blends

    So, Chameleon Pens have the unique Mixing Chamber. This allows you to get multiple color tones with just one pen. 

    After you’ve fused your pen nib in the Mixing Chamber, your nib will be temporarily diluted. When you color, the ink will slowly transition from a pale, diluted tone back to its original, saturated shade.


    This is handy when you’re coloring your clay project because you don’t have to switch between different pens as often. You won’t need to use a blending pen either. Chameleon Pens do all the blending work for you. All you need to do is fuse your pen nib in the Mixing Chamber for a certain amount of time (between one and 30 seconds).

    Top tip: The longer the fuse time, the lighter the color tone and the longer it will take for the original tone to return. So, if you want a more gradual tonal change, fuse your pen nib for longer (at least 20 seconds). If you want a faster tonal change, fuse it for a shorter length of time (less than five seconds).

    They’re easy to use

    Many crafters will think to decorate their clay projects with paint. While this is totally fine and probably really easy if you’re used to painting, decorating with marker pens is even easier. We all know how to use a pen so there’s no new talent to learn and master. Pens are also easy to hold and control. This makes coloring clay with pens remarkably straightforward for both beginners and clay project veterans.

    Chameleon Pens are particularly easy to use because of the Mixing Chamber doing all the blending work for you. There’s no need to mix different paints or layer various tones of one color in order to create streak-free work. Chameleon Pens will easily produce beautiful, vibrant tonal gradations.

    Keep building on your coloring and crafting skills with the ultimate Chameleon guide

    As you can see, Chameleon Pens can be the perfect tool for decorating your mixed media projects. From clay to cushion covers, Chameleon Pens are amazingly versatile and easy to use. Want to get even more out of your pens? Check out our guide to using Chameleon Pens. You’ll learn everything from building your techniques to being inspired by the different art projects you can use Chameleon Pens for.

    Unlock Your Potential With Chameleon Pens Guide CTA

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