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Creating art with lettering, ways you can use markers in your projects

By Chameleon Art Products
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What inspires you??

Being Chameleons, we can’t help but be drawn to all the gorgeous colors in our marker collection – just look at all the vivid blues!

Bold, contemporary, dramatic, and 3D …  you’ll learn how you can incorporate all this and more into your lettering projects, thanks to today’s incredible featured contributor – Elaine Federzoni.

Meet today’s featured contributor



Hi, I’m Elaine Federzoni!
I'm an artist who graduated in watercolor & oil on canvas and porcelain.

Currently, I create realistic drawings using watercolors, crayons, and markers (Chameleon Pens).

My artwork focuses on the use of colors to give: tri-dimensionality, dramatic use of light, as well as a contemporary use of markers to create romanticism.

Elaine’s Instagram

If blue isn’t your style, fear not for the world is your oyster when it comes to Chameleon!

With 50 different colors in our marker collection, you can create hundreds of different color tones – and that’s before you start using our Color Tops.

The Chameleon system is unique because it lets you change the color tone of your ink. Meaning, you only need one pen to create seamless color blends, depth, dimension, highlights, shadows, and shading.

Want to know how all this is possible?? Watch our Instructional video


So, you now know how your Chameleon Pens work, it’s time to get creating!

What you will need to create lettering projects that will blue your mind:  

Is this your first fuse? Then, check out our tutorial on how your Chameleon Pens work


Don’t forget to download Elaine’s step-by-step instructions to learn her top tips creating cool lettering projects with markers!

Download Tutorial


Want to join in with this month’s calligraphy and lettering theme?

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What have you been working on recently? It would be awesome to see what inspires all of you so, send us your creations. If you do then, keep your eyes peeled on our social media – we love to feature our community’s’ work on our pages.

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