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Creating Art With Marker Pens Tutorial + Free Coloring Page Download

By Chameleon Art Products
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What could be more magical than a marker pen that lets you change the color tone of your ink?!

How about a coloring tutorial with a free download (yay!) that will open your eyes to a whole new world of color blending possibilities?

But we’re not alone! Helping us show you how you can create amazing blends, effects, and depth of color is todays amazing featured contributor. 😊

Meet today’s featured contributor


Hello, my name is Sandra!

I love to work with loads of different mediums my favorite being plastic ceramics. I also enjoy experimenting with mixed media and new techniques. 

To help me explore the world of art, I post projects and tutorials on social media. I hope you enjoy my tutorials and find them useful! 😊

Sandra’s YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Are you ready to color like no other?

Our patented family of art products are totally unique!

Using our tools, you can create depth, dimension, gradients, highlights, shadows, and shading. In the past, this would only have been possible with an extensive range of art materials, but now you can do all this and more using only one pen.

You can still use your Chameleon Pens as a traditional marker, but now you have the option to create amazing one pen blends!

Want to know how all this is possible? Watch our Instructional video here.


So, you now know how your Chameleon Pens work, it’s time to put them to paper!

What you will need to create magic on your paper:  


Is this your first fuse? Then, check out our tutorial on how your Chameleon Pens work.




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