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Scrapbook Ideas, Creating Mixed Media Layouts with Balloon Letters

By Chameleon Art Products
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Take your scrapbook projects up a notch with the help of a lettering technique so adorable it will fill you with inspiration!

But this isn’t just any lettering tutorial. We’re teaching you how to create realistic balloon writing. Thanks to our featured contributor - Tanya, you’ll learn her top tips for writing in a balloon font as well as some awesome scrapbook ideas. 


Meet our featured contributor


Hi, my name is Tanya Batrak. 
I live in Kyiv, Ukraine. I’m a mom to two kids and a wife to a wonderful man.

I have a passion for paper crafting, watercolor, photography, traveling, and sometimes cooking. I run a craft blog and a site about scrapbooking.

A few years ago, I quit my office job and became a freelance graphic designer.


Tanya’s Instagram | Facebook | Blog

What you will need to add a pop of color to your layouts:   


Once you've gathered all your materials, let's move onto the fun part - making your layout! 


Step 1:

Sketch the letters with a pencil before adding color.
Then, infuse the Fuchsia pen for 3 seconds before coloring. When coloring foil balloons, your lines will follow the shape of the letter and remember to create a lot of contrast.  

Is this your first fuse? Watch our How do Chameleon Pens Work videos here!

TIP: use a photo of a balloon as a reference.


Step 2:

Without infusing, continue to use the Fuchsia to add in some darker lines.


Step 3:

Switch to the Bullet Nib to outline the letter.

TIP: create the outline using short lines and dots.


Step 4:

Now is a good time to add some more details.
I soften any harsh transitions and add in small lines to imitate folds on the balloon.   



Step 5:

To add more contrast, use the Chameleon Pencil in the shade Coffee to draw some thin dark lines.


Step 6:

On the folds and curves add some highlights using a white gel pen.


Step 7:


Step 8:

Stamp the flowers using your Ranger Archival Ink Pad in the shade Jet Black.
Then, infuse your Fuchsia pen with the Blue Violet Color Top for 3 seconds before coloring each petal working from the center outwards.


Step 9:

Adhere all elements and photos to your page to finish.




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