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    Detective Pikachu – uncovering ways you can become a Pokémon master with your fan art

    Artwork by Jessica Taylor

    Look what we have here… It’s Detective Pikachu!

    Team up with Ryme City’s best detective to look for clues, trail leads, uncover the truth, and investigate how you can become the greatest Pokémon trainer.

    But you won’t be crime fighting on your own. You also have the help of the legendary gym leader and today’s featured contributor – Jessica Taylor.

    What you will need to become a fan art master



    Note: Chameleon does not own any characters or art listed in this blog. Chameleon would like to thank the artist for the content supplied by them for us to use for an educational art tutorial.


    What have you been working on recently? It would be awesome to see what inspires all of you so, send us your creations. If you do then, keep your eyes peeled on our social media – we love to feature our community’s’ work on our pages.

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    Meet today’s featured contributor


    Hi, my name is Jess Taylor, but everyone calls me Spookie.

    Art has been a passion of mine since I was a child. Growing up, I traced Disney Princesses out of coloring books dozens of times until I learned to draw them on my own. That passion grew with me and as an adult, I spent 6 years creating edible works of art as a pastry chef.
    I loved the bustle of creating beautiful centerpieces for people’s memories in the form of cake, but it left little time for my family and less for my love of drawing.

    Then after a wrist injury caused while creating a wedding cake made it difficult to write my name, I realized being a pastry chef could cause me to lose my art. It was shortly thereafter that I started exploring other options in the art world.

    I had been going to Wine and Canvas as a customer for a few months and that is where I discovered my love for painting. On a whim I sent my portfolio of work, mostly cakes, to the owners and in September 2014 my life changed forever when she offered me a job as an artist.

    Since then I have started working on freelance work and I spend my life doing what I love, creating and teaching art. I identify with the Pop Culture movement by blending fun, vivid colors with a fairytale twist.


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