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    Different markers comparable to Copic

    If you’ve been searching high and low for markers that can help you produce professional-quality artwork, you might have noticed that many professional-quality markers come with a bit of a price tag for keen amateurs and hobbyists like yourself. It would be perfect if you could find a pen set that came in a range of colors that are broad enough for you to color in those various shades of blue sky you’ve always been looking for, yet not so broad that you need to buy a dozen blue markers.

    Well, Chameleon Pens can be that ideal range of blending markers and we’re about to show you exactly what makes them so special.

    There are so many alcohol based blending markers available these days that it can be tricky filtering through them all. Your first instinct is probably to stick to what you know and choose a marker brand that other creative souls have recommended.

    And we know - Chameleon Pens look a little different from your average alcohol marker. But if you’re looking for different markers comparable to Copic, then hear us out. The best things about Chameleon Pens are (simply click on these headings to be taken to the relevant section!):

    Before we go any further, remember this: Chameleon Pens work alongside Copic perfectly

    We don’t want to give the wrong impression with this post. We think Copic pens are great - we think they’re even better when used alongside our very own Chameleon Pens. We know lots of people who are part of the Chameleon Creative Community and share their work on #ChameleonPens use our products alongside Copics and other brands.

    And that’s great!

    The point of the rest of this post is to show you how Chameleon Pens are an alternative marker to Copic and other long-established names. But, the truth is, we’ve designed our product to work with your existing pens.

    That said, here’s some of the added benefits from adding Chameleon to your art supply box... 

    A wider range of colors with fewer pens

    One of your pet peeves is probably being limited in the range of colors and tones you have access to. Blending with markers isn’t like painting where you can somewhat easily create an infinite range of different tones and correct any over-eagerness quite easily.

    You’ve created the perfect coral to peach gradient in your mind. In reality, you need to have a selection of markers in a variety of colors within a specific color family in order to get multiple tones. What does this mean for you? It means you need to have a huge collection of pens and that’s somewhat of a hassle. Also, it probably won’t come cheap.

    We think Chameleon Pens beat the competition because you can access around five individual color tones per pen, so need fewer pens than from other manufacturers to achieve the same number of color tones.

    Say goodbye to the days of fumbling through the 20 pens you have in various tones of orange. Chameleon have just over 50 pens in their range so, the whole set can produce hundreds of different tones between them.

    Time sheet

    Chameleon’s patented Mixing Chamber

    So how can these pens produce such a wide range of color tones? Well, that’s just one of the most innovative qualities possessed by Chameleon Pens. The pens feature a little chamber at the end which contains a Colorless Toning Medium. The Mixing Chamber.

    chameleon pen

    When you press the Pen Nib against the Mixing Chamber Nib, you can achieve a range of tones for that color pen and create beautiful, seamless blends, gradients and highlights. The longer it's in the Mixing Chamber, the more diluted the color.

    It might sound a little advanced, but don’t be discouraged. Check out the video below on how Chameleon Pens work and you’ll see just how easy it is to create a range of color tones using just one pen. 

    Easy shading and seamless, professional blending

    Sure, the unique addition of the Mixing Chamber might allow for convenience as you no longer need to cart around multiple pens of the same color family. But won’t it take longer to create artwork because you’ll need to fuse colors over and over just to get the same pale yellow shade? That’s actually not the case.

    Traditionally, creating color gradations with markers involved laying down your different colors and going over the work with a blender pen to smooth everything out. That means more often than not, you’ll be rifling through your collection just to find the precise shade that you want in your work. You’ll then have to fiddle around, constantly swapping between the pens and going over with the blender marker which can be quite time-consuming.

    With Chameleon Pens, the only thing you need to do is find the color pen you want, fuse the color in the Mixing Chamber and then shade away. And because the main color comes back as you shade, seamless, professional blending is produced with the pen doing all the work.

    You might make mistakes, use the wrong color or make it a little too dark. If you do this with other blending markers, there’s little you can do to remedy it. With Chameleon Pens, however, you can simply fuse and shade over with a different color, which not only fixes your mistake, but also gives your illustration an attractive tint.

    A little confused? Don’t worry - just watch the video below and see everything we’ve said be put into context. 


    High versatility

    Chameleon Pens are best known for their awesome one pen blends, but that’s not the only thing they can do. You can use them like regular alcohol markers, shading in one block color at a time. You can blend different colors together, whether that’s two from the same family or opposing colors, using our Color Tops.

    Their versatility means Chameleon Pens can even be used alongside other blending markers. Remember - the pens mix beautifully with other alcohol-based markers so you can produce an even broader color spectrum and a truly vivid, eye-catching masterpiece without having to replace your existing collection of Copics. 


    Unique and advanced but still the cheaper option in the long run

    Considering everything, it might seem like Chameleon Pens are so advanced that they're expensive. On the contrary, there are alcohol markers that are cheaper in the short-term, but they don’t provide the same unique features and longevity. These are a professional-quality tool to rank alongside Copic and other longstanding names in the game.

    And the price point is competitive too. The value for money comes across the lifetime value.

    There are more tones included in each pen which means you need to buy fewer pens to unlock the full color range. That's why there are only around 50 pens in the Chameleon Pens range... but at least 250 color tones.

    What about when the color runs out? There are few things more annoying than running out of ink when you’re in the middle of shading a masterpiece. We won’t lie to you - despite their advanced technology, Chameleon Pens and Copic's markers still run out of ink and the nibs still become worn from use. They might even break if they aren’t used properly or with care. Just like any other pen.

    With high-quality markers from Chameleon Pens and Copic, instead of buying a whole new pen (which is expensive in the long run, whatever the brand), the nibs are replaceable and the pens are refillable.

    But we don't want to speak too much for our friends over at Copic, so we will speak for ourselves. If you choose Chameleon Pens, you don’t have to stock up on pens in the fear that they’ll run out of stock - each Chameleon Pen can be easily refilled and the nibs can be changed in a matter of seconds.

    Replacing the nib and refilling the pens aren’t difficult tasks either. Check out the videos below. 

    At the end of the day, you’ll want to create artwork that’s professional-looking using tools that are easy-to-use, cost-effective and produce beautiful results. The problem is that many of the markers available on the market are expensive and requires you to have many different colors if you want to blend realistically. Chameleon Pens condense all of this into one smart pen that can produce a range of tones, allowing you to blend seamlessly and easily using a truly unique pen.


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