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    Chameleon Art Products

    Do designers use fashion markers when designing? Do they even exist?

    Designing isn’t an easy feat but you can sure make the process move along more smoothly if you’re using the right markers. But do fashion markers for designing even exist? Yes, they do! Here’s what features you need to look out for.

    Sharp, vivid colors

    Color gets your work noticed instantly. That’s a fact. So, if you choose markers that produce sharp, consistent colors, you’re giving your work that advantage. Chameleon Pens always produce a vivid colored ink that’s professional-quality and is able to create multiple tones (but we’ll get to explaining that in the next point).

    Better yet, when you run out of ink, you can easily purchase a refill. And because all Chameleon Pens come with color indicators that clearly mark the ink color, you can quickly find the one that you want and not need to guess.

    Colour fan - 7

    Huge range of tones

    The best and most unique thing about Chameleon Pens is the Mixing Chamber. Unlike other alcohol pens, you don’t need to invest in hundreds of Chameleon Pens. You only need to fuse the pen nib in the Mixing Chamber for a few seconds and access multiple tones. And that’s just from one pen.

    You no longer need to switch between various shades of, say, red anymore. You just need one Chameleon Pen, a few seconds in the Mixing Chamber and voila!

    Smooth, blendable ink

    Markers that allow you to quickly and smoothly blend colors not only make your life much easier, they also make your work look so much more professional. When you fuse your Chameleon Pen nib in the revolutionary Mixing Chamber and then shade, the ink first comes out as a diluted tone. As you continue to shade, the color slowly returns to its original, saturated tone.

    Blending Colors Chameleon

    This means Chameleon Pens do much of the blending work for you. Rather than having to switch between markers and use a blending pen, you only need to fuse in the Mixing Chamber. Then you’re ready to create awesome pen blends. The image above shows our innovative Color Tops in action and how they allow you to create beautiful color to color blends.

    Permanent, fast-drying ink

    It’s awful when you’ve created a masterpiece and then accidentally run your hand over a section and smudge it. Isn’t it? That’s why you need to invest in fashion markers whose ink dries quickly and is permanent.

    Chameleon Pens are alcohol-based and due to this solvent base, the ink dries extremely quickly. In addition, the markers can even be used on contemporary materials, such as glass, plastic and wood. So, if you want to draw your designs on everything but card or paper, that’s fine.

    Check out an example of using Chameleon Pens for intricate fashion sketching below.


    Image by Keith Bloom

    Keith Bloom used Chameleon Pens to draw a model in Egyptian clothing. See more of his awesome fashion sketches on his Instagram here.

    Find out more on how to color like no other with Chameleon

    Chameleon Pens are unique tools that can create unique results. We’ve created a free guide to developing your penmanship using our pens, so check it out if you want to take your art to the next level.

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