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    Chameleon Art Products

    Marker Drawing Tips from a Professional Tattoo Artist

    Looking for ways you can enlighten your artistic skills and take your artwork to a whole new field of majestic amazingness??

    Then, this blog is a real eye-opener for you.

    But this isn’t just any mystical tutorial, Candela Pajaro is here to help teach you some tail-wiggling worthy techniques and skills.

    Before we hop into the tutorial, this is what you will need to create magical designs like Candela’s:

    Now get comfy and relax with a snack… (Anybody else craving carrots??) While we cover techniques such as traditional blending, color overlays, one pen blends, and creating texture in Candela’s tutorial. 

    Is this your first fuse? Then, check out our tutorial on how your Chameleon Pens work below.



    Try out Candela’s coloring tips for yourself! We’ve been given a copy of Candela’s line art so you can join in the fun and develop your talent.



    Join in with this month’s theme and develop your talents with the help of your Chameleon art products.

    Pick up your Chameleon products here!



    What have you been working on recently? It would be awesome to see what inspires all of you so, send us your creations. If you do then, keep your eyes peeled on our social media – we love to feature our community’s’ work on our pages.

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    Meet today’s featured contributor


    I am an Asturian girl who has always seen life from a colorful perspective.

    Ever since I was little, I have made sense of my world using drawing and color. I transform the world of others by dedicating myself to translating these drawings onto their skins.

    Drawing is my way of life, and I could not be happier!

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    Photo credit: @imperfectmoment

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