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Face Drawing With The Chameleon Color & Blending System

By Chameleon Art Products
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It’s time to step up your artwork with an incredible art collection that gives you high-quality results while using less! So how is this possible?!

Well, with The Chameleon Color & Blending System collection, each of our 10 packs includes a Chameleon Mixing Chamber. This unique art tool gives artists remarkable color blending options like never before. Amazingly with each pack including 6 Chameleon Markers, 5 Chameleon Color Tops, and a Mixing Chamber, you’ll be able to create 50 stunning color blends and gradations. Yes, you did read that correctly, 50! It’s no magic - That’s just the impressive power of our Mixing Chamber. You really need to see the unbelievable creations you can produce with just one pack, so keep scrolling down. 

All 10 Chameleon Color & Blending System Packs

Introducing Pack 7 from our Chameleon Color and Blending System collection.

The Chameleon Color & Blending System Pack 7The Chameleon Color and Blending System - Pack 7

Now it’s time to see the amazing artwork by Ana Filipa Viegas that was created using only the pens included within Pack 7.

  Portrait drawing step by step drawn with Chameleon Color and Blending System Pack 7

Finished drawing of a womans portrait created using Chameleon Markers and Color Tops

To watch Ana in action creating her masterpiece, check out the video below.


Watch this video to reveal how Ana created her portrait


Everything you need to create Ana's wonderful portrait drawing:

- Chameleon Color and Blending System - Pack 7
- Ana's downloadable coloring page 

Line art portrait of a womanDownload Ana's coloring page here!

To get yourself or a friend as a gift this awesome pack, check out our online shop where you will also find all 10 packs from the collection.Shop Now

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