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Fill Your Journal With Amazing Rainbow Blends

By Chameleon Art Products
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In today’s fast-paced world life can become hectic and overwhelming but it’s important to take time out for yourself to work on your mindfulness, gratitude, and goal planning.

Have you ever tried journaling?

There are many reasons to own a journal. Not only are they an amazing way to focus on your self-care, mental and emotional health, and overall wellbeing but they're also great for notetaking, organization, and productivity.

Did you know using a journal can be brilliant for relieving stress? By writing down what’s going through your mind you’re actively engaging with your thoughts, which can allow you to identify what is causing you to feel stressed. By taking the time to identify the causes/ triggers then you can find solutions to release this stress.

Plus, journals are amazing for setting and achieving your dreams and goals. By taking the time to write them down – the reminder will keep you focused and more motivated to accomplish them.

MYnd Map

MYnd Map is a wonderful company that is focused on supporting mindfulness, gratitude, and goal setting through their beautifully designed journals. 

Think of it as your one-stop shop for all things personal development and goal planning.” Rosemary Ikpeme – Founder and Creator of MYnd Map. 

Let’s take a look at MYnd Map’s unique journals.


MYnd Map MY Journals in 5 different colors

This fun, creative, and easy-to-use journal is perfect if you’re new to journaling and planning. The 12-week mindfulness journal will give you strong support to organize your life in a well-structured way and encourages you to dream BIG to create a life you love.

MYnd Map journal mindfulness productivity themesIncluded within the 270+ pages you will find a weekly calendar to help with organization and planning out your week to keep a strong focus on reaching your goals, whilst also practicing mindfulness. You will have daily reminders to celebrate your progress throughout and gain a sense of accomplishment. At the end of each week, there is a reflection page to encourage you to check your progress and plan how you can be even more successful. Writing down your progress will help you gain more self-confidence, as you can read back on the challenges you achieved and how far you have advanced.

MYnd Map MY Journal inside pages writing

Open MYnd Map MY Journal

Plus, this journal allows you to use your creative side, as you will find beautiful hand-illustrated pictures throughout to have fun coloring in. Coloring can help your mind feel renewed and is a great way to de-stress and relax.

This MY Journal really does help organize your life on so many levels, whilst also ensuring you don’t neglect your personal wellbeing.


Pink MYnd Map I Am Bullet Journal cover and Chameleon Fineliners

Another amazing journal by MYnd Map is their beautiful 180-page I AM Bullet Journal. Using this journal is a great way to help plan your life and jot down everything inside your mind. Plus, it allows you to focus on building positive habits and mindset, which is extremely important for your mental health.

The difference between this journal than the original MY Journal is that it comes with blank dotted pages to give you more space for customization and creativity. At the front of the journal, there is a handy index, which provides space to organize your pages.

Index pages inside MYnd Map I AM Bullet Journal

We love the added quotes and questions throughout the pages to prompt you and give you a motivational boost along the way.

Questions and prompts page inside MYnd Map I AM Bullet Journal

This journal also includes beautiful hand-drawn illustrations throughout to color in and inspire your creativity and positive thinking. Spending your time coloring is a fantastic stress-free activity to allow you to relax and achieve mindfulness, as you focus on the present.

Blank dotted page inside MYnd Map I Am Bullet Journal with an illustration to color in

Write, Color & Draw in Your Journal with Color Blends

How to use Chameleon Fineliners; write, color and/or drawTo write in your journal we have the perfect fineliner for you!

Why write with a standard black pen when you could have a lot of fun writing in amazing color blends to add even more color to your life.

Introducing Chameleon Fineliners

Chameleon Fineliners are definitely not like any ordinary fineliner. Well, you can use them as an ordinary fineliner, or you can create magical color blends with them.

Pink Chameleon Fineliner


How is this possible?! Chameleon Fineliners have a patented dual ink system, with ink in the pen and in the cap. To create seamless color-to-color blends all you need to do is switch the cap of one pen and place it on a different colored pen, hold the pen vertically from anywhere from 1-30 seconds and then as you use the pen, watch in amazement as the ink seamlessly changes color.

How Chameleon Fineliners art blend pens work

With Chameleon Fineliners you can transform your journal even further with multicolor blends, as each pen can be infused with 2, 3, or even 4 caps!



Chameleon Fineliners color blending pens ergonomic design


There is an impressive total of 48 colors in the Chameleon Fineliner collection giving you ample color choice. Having all the Chameleon Fineliners will incredibly give you the power to create over 1,000 color blending combinations – allowing you to fill your journal with amazing rainbow blends.

Chameleon Fineliners 48 colors


Chameleon Fineliners feature a fine point Japanese precision 0.3mm metal-clad tip, which allows for super-smooth writing performance – perfect for journals. Their ergonomic design makes writing with the pen very comfy even after long periods.

With the pens having water-based, dry-safe ink this means they won’t bleed through most papers and you can leave the caps off for a couple of days without the pens drying out. We have tested out our Chameleon Fineliners on the MY Journal and the I AM Bullet Journal, which includes high-quality 140GSM art paper, and saw no bleed through.

To find out more about our innovative color-blending Chameleon Fineliners, click here.

Head to our website now to find our collection of Chameleon Fineliners and other innovative art products.

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