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Fine art with a Fineliner – tips on how you can become the next Michelangelo

By Chameleon Art Products
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There’s a brand new fineliner on the block and let me tell you something… they’ll have you changing color like a chameleon.

But these aren’t just any fineliners! The new Chameleon Fineliners will help you achieve color blends you never even imagined possible.

Transform your notebooks and journals to works of art, seamlessly blend color in even the smallest of spaces, and create multi-colored drawings and sketches using only one fineliner.

Now, I bet you’re wondering how we’ve made fineliners so unique and exciting…. Well, we’ve used the same patented technology in our Chameleon Pens to help you write, draw, doodle, and color like no other. Create incredible color blends by swapping the pen caps or “hop the top” and infuse your pen for a few seconds. You can even achieve stunning multi-color blends by using 2, 3, or even 4 different fineliner caps.




Want to see our new fineliners in action? Lucky for you we’re joined by Jonathan Knight.

With his help, we’re taking you back to art class to teach you some fantastic tips for creating a fineliner masterpiece!  



Meet today’s featured contributor


Based in Worcestershire, UK artist Jonathan Knight uses a variety of mixed media to create realistic portraits and pop culture artwork. Born in 1987 and with a clear passion for art at a young age he began receiving art lessons from his stepfather a hobbyist in art at age 10.
After studying fine art and art history at college he sold his first piece of art at age 15 to a friend and many more portraits over the following years.
Since then J Knight has gone on to amass a large following on social media with pieces of his art hanging on walls worldwide. He continues to explore portraits in realism using both traditional and contemporary art techniques with a wide variety of mediums.

Jonathan’s Instagram
Jonathan’s Facebook
Jonathan’s website


Now, we could tell you how amazing the Chameleon Fineliners are until we’ve turned ourselves blue, but we figured you’d like to hear another opinion. Here’s Jonathan’s feedback…

"Chameleon have brought their color blending magic to fineliners!
I was lucky enough to try a set of 24 colors which feature a 0.3mm tip and the same color blending technology as their series of markers.
They have a dual-ink system which means the ink is in both the pens and the caps! Very simple and quick to use, just swap the cap from one pen to another, hold vertically for a few seconds and you’re ready to start drawing!
The colors will blend seamlessly into each other, creating super-smooth blends you couldn’t achieve with any other fineliner.
These fineliners can add another dimension to any ink work, for me they’re well situated to my line art shading style and give it a more vibrant and interesting aesthetic.
I really like the color blend properties for they allow me to draw your eyes across a page while I’m still able to get all the correct tones in the right places.
I will definitely be using them for more art in the future."

Have you tried out your Chameleon Fineliners yet?? See how they work here!


Now that you know how to create some super cool color blends it’s time to grab some paper and start drawing!

What you need to create your own David – don’t worry, this one isn’t 17 feet tall.

  • Paper and pencil
  • Eraser or cellotape
  • Chameleon Fineliners 48 pen pack



For all Jonathan’s top tips and techniques, download his project instructions here!

Download Tutorial


jonathan knight - finalscan


Want to get your hands on the NEW Chameleon Fineliners??

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