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Flower Art - Free Coloring Printable Page

By Chameleon Art Products
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Creating the artwork of your dreams isn’t always easy, which is why Chameleon have an amazing range of art tools perfect for helping you develop your talent.

Inspired by jewel tones, Pack 5 of our Color and Blending System contains everything you need to create stunning color gradations and blends as well as add depth, dimension, and shading.

All 10 packs of The Chameleon Color & Blending System

We could tell you all about our awesome markers until we’ve turned ourselves blue, pink, red, green and purple … or you could listen to our featured artist, Cathy! 

“I have been so blessed to give these gorgeous yummies an early whirl and play with its beautiful jewel-toned color palette. I particularly adore the combination of Mauve, Turquoise and Fuchsia.

Our well-loved Chameleon pens system has a whole new system with an innovative updated configuration. I've been working with Chameleons from the start and I am in love with its new fuss-free system that is lighter, easier to handle, yet still just as versatile.”

 Keep reading to find out how the Chameleon effect will enhance your creations! 

Artist Bio 

Portrait CathyCathy Lasam is an artist, paper sculptor, colorist, and teacher. She is passionate about the arts and everything colorful. Cathy juggles her time between teaching, coloring, painting, and being a mom to her son.

View more of Cathy’s amazing work here!

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 Here’s what you need to fill your art with hope & love:

- Chameleon Color and Blending System Pack 5
- Cathy’s amazing downloadable coloring page


Watch Cathy's video 

Line Art flower coloring page


Download Cathy's Line Art here


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