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Get hands on with these awesome Christmas gift ideas for crafters

By Chameleon Art Products
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Crafters love quirky and creative gifts at Christmas. Whether it’s a starter pack that allows them to learn a new skill or new bits of kit they can add to their collection, there are all kinds of possibilities for you to choose from. Here’s a quick rundown of our favorite Christmas gift ideas for crafters.

Gift ideas for creative crafters

Stylish sewing basket

Like us, if they have a large collection of sewing essentials they use when crafting, then give them a sewing basket this Christmas. It’ll help them to keep everything organized and is a beautiful addition to any room. Find a basket that includes an inner pin cushion and plenty of storage space and they’ll be especially grateful.

Make your own bobble hat set

Available from a few different online retailers, this gift is perfect for someone that loves to explore a hands-on new skill. The kits usually include needles, yarn and the pattern needed to knit a bobble hat. Ideal for someone that’s never knitted before, but always wanted to try. Once finished, they’ll have a stylish bobble hat that’s perfect for keeping them warm in the new year.

Perler beads

If you’re looking to encourage a budding craft enthusiast, then Perler beads are a great place to start. With these beads, young crafters can create all kinds of patterns and designs. There are different gift sets and bundles available online to help them get started. You can give them a helping hand or leave them to it and let their creativity run wild.

Reusable travel mug painting set

Combining two of our favorite things, crafting and coffee, a mug painting set is perfect for someone that can’t function until they’ve had their morning coffee. With a set like this, they’re able to paint the cup in their style, using colors they like. As the coffee mug is reusable, it’s great for the environment and helps to cut down on waste.

Self-healing cutting mats

A cutting mat is essential for crafters of all abilities and ages. They protect your surfaces while you’re busy cutting paper, card, fabrics and anything else you might need for your next creation. Self-healing cutting mats are much sturdier than standard mats and have grids on them so you always cut in straight lines.

Craft-inspired jewelry

For the person that’s crazy about crafting, think about unique craft-inspired jewelry. A necklace that has a tiny pair of scissors or a bracelet which looks like a measuring tape are just some of the fantastic jewelry pieces that show how much they love crafting.

Adult coloring book

Coloring isn’t just for kids. An adult coloring book is a relaxing and tranquil way of relieving stress. Chameleon Art Products have a fantastic book which was designed by Lori Gardner Woods. Lori's Art Garden features 20 beautiful designs that are printed on high-quality poster board. This means the book is perfect to use with a variety of mediums such as your Chameleon Pens, colored pencils and watercolors. A fantastic Christmas gift, this coloring book allows someone to get lost in the drawing, forgetting about the stresses of everyday life.



No crafter’s kit is complete without a set of Chameleon Pens. Unique, versatile and high-quality, Chameleon Pens are suitable for any crafter’s next project. With low-quality pens, you might have to deal with a limited range of colors or finished work that just seems a little unprofessional.

With Chameleon Pens, you can enjoy hundreds of color tones and gradations from just 50 different colored pens. That’s thanks to the innovative Mixing Chamber that’s unlike anything you might have used before. The Chamber contains Toning Medium that temporarily changes and dilutes the color of the nib.

Once you start coloring, the nib gradually changes back to the original color allowing you to achieve seamless color blends from light to dark. The pens work on paper, card, wood, fabric, ceramics and other materials without ever dropping in quality. They’re the perfect Christmas gift for any colorist or crafter.

Chameleon pens marker pen in a pack

To order the Lori's Art Garden coloring book or the Chameleon Pens set, make sure to visit our online shop.

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If all this talk of crafting has got you itching to make something from scratch, then you need to download our Christmas pack. Perfect for crafters, hobbyists and seasoned pros, the Christmas Creativity Pack is full of festive tutorials and inspiration. Make crackers, cards, ornaments and centerpieces with the help of our free pack.

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