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5 weird and wonderful gifts for architects they'll actually love

By Chameleon Art Products
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As lovely as another Moleskine is, no architect really wants yet another notebook as a gift. Well, we all obviously do want a new notebook as a gift, they’re always appropriate, but what gift can you give to the architect who’s already got everything they need? It’s time to get creative so your gift doesn’t end up as part of next year’s Secret Santa in the office.

  1. LEGO Architecture sets



What is it and why will architects love it?

LEGO’s always fun. Especially when it looks this good on your coffee table or office desk. The LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection is aimed solely at adults with a taste for travel and an eye for cityscapes.

When that architect in your life is missing work over the holiday period, they’ll be able to play with a cool-looking LEGO set and have a nice display item once they’ve finished.

How weird and wonderful is it?

Pretty darn wonderful, if you ask us.

How much and where from?

Less than $50 from LEGO.com. Alternatively, you could get them a personalized figurine of themselves and they can use to to keep their laptop or phone charger handy on their desk.

2. A real Italian stove-top coffee pot

coffee pot gifts for architects

What is it and why will architects love it?

These stove pots are how every self-respecting coffee lover should be preparing their morning coffee. Or their late-morning coffee. Or the coffee that gets them ready for that call with a demanding client at 4pm.

These stoves produce freshly brewed espresso coffee, work brilliantly and look beautiful. All the things that architects love. Plus, they come in all sorts of colors.

How weird and wonderful is it?

Less weird, more super-tasty and really, really good-looking.

How much and where from?

Less than $30 from Bialetti and Top Moka.

3. Refillable leather bullet journal



What is it and why will architects love it?

Maybe this gift will change the way you or your favorite architect think about notebooks. If you’re going through copious amounts of notebooks, it might be time to invest in a proper, leather-bound refillable option.

Then use it for bullet journaling, a form of note-taking and organizing which relies on shorthand, symbols and creativity. The leather casing can age perfectly from year-to-year.

How weird and wonderful is it?

A wonderful new twist on the cliched notebook gift.

How much and where from?

Anywhere from $20-$150 and available from your local indie book or art store.

4. Personalized bamboo coffee cup

chameleon pens used to personalise bamboo coffee cups as gifts for architects

What is it and why will architects love it?

Keep enabling that coffee addiction with a bamboo coffee cup. Although, to be honest, they can be used for any sort of drink.

These are a sustainably produced, reusable cup made from bamboo. They have that desirable Scandi-aesthetic and help save the planet one drink it a time. With the right tools, architects can also personalize them and make them truly unique. In fact, gift number five is the perfect pen to do it with.

How weird and wonderful is it?

As weird as they make it once they've personalized it.

How much and where from?

Less than $10 from eCoffeeCup.

5. The gift of color

Pulling pen out chameleon case

What is it and why will architects love it?

Chameleon Pens give architects a stunning range of color with fewer pens than they currently use. Thanks to a patented technology, an inbuilt Mixing Chamber, you can add more shading and blending to concept drawings without having to invest in as many pens and accessories.

How weird and wonderful is it?

Totally unique, to be honest.

How much and where from?

From $26.99 from the Chameleon Art Products store.

Give them another gift for the Holiday Season

Whilst you might be giving them one of the cool gifts for architects, above, sometimes the best gifts in life are free. That’s why we’ve put together a handy pack of activities to keep the creative juices flowing over the Holiday Season.

Download it by pressing the button below and get yourself a whole sack full of ideas, tutorials and activities to try.

Christmas Guide CTA 2

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