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Gifts for fashion designers: the best presents your favorite fashion icons ever gave and received

By Chameleon Art Products
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Buying gifts for fashion designers can be a pretty daunting task, even if they are your close friends and family. They’re experts in all things stylish and usually have a lot of things anyway. So, what do you buy the people who already have everything?

Although money can buy you a lot of fancy gifts, it’s often the sentimental ones that people appreciate the most. How many times have you heard “it’s the thought that counts” and as you’ve grown older learn to appreciate this statement? We’ve put together a post to inspire you, looking at some of the world’s leading fashion icons and what their favorite gifts they’ve ever given or received have been.


1. Diane Von Furstenberg - Designer & CFDA President

Von Furstenberg told the Huffington Post: “My family and I exchange letters every year and those are always my favorite gifts to receive.”

Christmas and the holiday season is usually spent making unforgettable memories with the ones you love. And what better way to do that than write them a sentimental note they can treasure for life? This is one way to be sure that they’ll be smiling on Christmas morning and no doubt every time they dig the letter out to reflect on it too.

Letters are all about the presentation as well as the words too. As a present, it’s imperative that your penmanship is nice and neat, as they may even want to frame it. If your letter is untidy and messy, they’re not going to want to show it off and it won’t look like you’ve put much thought or effort into it. Nice handwriting and maybe some meaningful designs or symbols that mean something between you both could be included.


2. Stuart Weitzman - Shoe Designer

Weitzman told the Huffington Post: “A poem from my daughter Rachael about my influence on her life. I have always tried to be my daughter’s best friend - not just a dad. Nice to know it worked.”

Like the above letters, the presentation of a poem adds to the beauty that the words provide too. This is something Stuart will treasure forever, so it should be super-attractive to look at. Plus, if you’re perhaps not the biggest wordsmith, your awesome designs can take their breath away too.


3. Cara Delevingne - Supermodel

Harpers Bazaar magazine reported that Delevingne frequently gives and receives t-shirts off her friends with personalized jokes and funny messages on the front. Previously, friends of hers have been spotted on Instagram wearing a “Cara made me do it” t-shirt. We expect that Delevingne will again ramp up the humor this Christmas.

If like Delevingne, you and your friends like to swap joke t-shirts at Christmas, why not make your own and enhance them with Chameleon Pens? The alcohol-based markers work perfectly on material and you can create some awesome designs and some seriously funny messages. The fact they’re handwritten too adds to the speciality of the tees and looks great.


4. Tadashi Shoji - Designer

Shoji told the Huffington Post: “My friend and famous Japanese ceramic artist, Kozan Kiwa, gave me an extraordinary sake cup that he made. I can see shining stars on the bottom inside of the small cup and it fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. It’s a very generous and special gift.”

Use your Chameleon Pens to make your bespoke gifts this Christmas. As Tadashi says, his ceramic pot means the world to him because it’s so personal. You can use your Chameleon Pens to draw on ceramic, wood and glass to add personal designs or messages to make thoughtful and meaningful decorational presents for your friends and loved ones. Ceramic pots, wall and door knob hangers are nice examples of presents that you can easily craft with the assistance of Chameleon Pens. Watch out for the ink scratching off glass and ceramics, be sure to look after your presents.


5. Kate Moss - Supermodel

According to CelebsNow, in 2011, Moss received a $50,000 custom jukebox with all her favorite tunes loaded into it. How cool is that? Whilst that might be out of price range for a lot of people, the gift of music at Christmas time can be extra special.

So, with that in mind why not create your own vinyl record or CD for a friend or loved one with their own favorite songs burned onto it? It’s a present they’re guaranteed to like and you can add your own personal touch on things by designing the record sleeve or CD cover with your own wicked designs.


6. Roger Tagliapietra - Designer of Costello Tagliapietra

Tagliapietra told the Huffington Post: “A MIN New York box is always exciting to open, their candles are my favorite gifts right now.”

Everybody loves candles, don’t they? They’re a great gift to give and receive. Whether it’s the attractive scents that you love about them, or you need some new ones to create the right ambience in your lounge, they’re super versatile and you can never have enough.

Better still, you can personalize your candles with Chameleon Pens. An easy way to do this is to create your designs on thin tissue paper, then heat them into the wax. Or another cool idea is to decorate a ceramic pot to put the candle in. We recommend a heartfelt message or a slick design that will look cool as it melts down.

For some inspiration on some cool designs to design your candle with, check out Louise Dunbar’s tutorial below:




7. David Beckham - Ex-Footballer

Hello magazine reported that David Beckham took to Instagram to show off his favorite present received from his daughter. “Gift of the day (DADDY)”.

The present was a small hairbrush with the word “Daddy” written on the back. Personalized gifts are often appreciated, even something as little as this.


8. Anine Bing - Founder of Anine Bing

Speaking to the Huffington Post, Bing said: “I’ll be giving our friends our Savage Rose candle and a favorite bottle of wine. I love getting candles as gifts myself, it adds something cozy to a home and the scented ones are my favorite. For myself, something new for our home. And, of course, the best gift is artwork by my kids.”

Artwork from your kids is always nice to receive, but how about creating a piece of art to give to a friend or family member? A nice mandala design or a stunning Manga  drawing can be a really nice personal touch that you can both laugh about. Plus, it’ll be good fun to portray your friends and family in this way when developing your techniques.  


9. Jen Rubio - Co-founder of Away

Rubio told Glamour: “I'm hoping for more experiences than things. Whether it's a weekend in Ojai with my girlfriends or a trip to New Orleans with my mom and sister, I'd rather spend more time this season planning trips with my loved ones instead of exchanging gifts. I lose and break everything—experiences stay with you.”

Obviously, this one is more expensive than the other five, but they’re fashion icons so they like their luxury, right? Well, should you be lucky enough to book a weekend away for your family or friend, why not design them a fake travel ticket so they have something to open on Christmas morning? Use our Detail Pen to perfect the intricate black parts of the ticket or use the Bullet Nib and explore the many color possibilities to produce a memento they’ll want to keep forever.


Show your creative side this Christmas!

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