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    Cathy Andronicou

    Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

    Well we have to confess to having queued at midnight to collect our reserved copy of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, so that we could learn what happened next to Harry, Hermione and Ron!  And what better way to celebrate the launch of this great new book by coloring our favourite characters!

    8. Scan

    by Monika Kuriata

    When we asked Monika to color this, this was her first reaction "When I heard That Harry Potter is my next project I was teryfied as I'm not very good in drawing or coloring people...I thought it is going to be a disaster... I had to think about it for some time and then I just started...I wanted to get it in dark colors to make my picture a little bit dangerous and magical. I've red the book and watched the movies and I loved them...so I decided it has to be a very good project after all...Did I manage it right?"

    Materials Used:- 50 Chameleon Pen Set Deep Black (BK4), Bark (BR5), Hot Cocoa (BR2), Olive Green (OL3), Crimson Red (RD4), Cool Gray (CG8), Cool Gray(CG9), Cool Gray (CG5), Neutral Gray(NG4), Warm Gray(WG7), Nude(NU00), Sand(NU0), Caramel(NU4), Taupe(BR1), Lagoon(BG1), Cornflower Blue(BL4), Indigo(BL7), Dark Sage(Gr2), Red Coral(RD2), Cinnamon(BR3), Burgundy(RD5), Burnt Umber(BR4).  Harry Potter Coloring Book, by Warner.

    Top tip to avoid the color showing through on the next page, scan the image from the book and print on A4 size white smooth card 250gsm.

    Monika has created step by step instructions that you can download Harry Potter and The Cursed Child here.


    Monika has also created a video showing how to color this magical page.

    Harry Potter from Chameleonpens on Vimeo.

    Thanks for joining us today, we hope it will be as magical as our day!


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