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How to choose art supplies as gifts

By Chameleon Art Products
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With Christmas and the holiday season approaching, it’s time to start thinking about buying gifts to beat the rush and avoid the risk of any disappointment should the present be sold out. Buying art supplies as gifts can be tricky, especially for non-artists.

With all the different paints, pens and pencils it can be hard to know what to buy that they’ll like and be able to put to good use. Don’t worry though, this blog will give tips and guidance on how to choose art supplies as gifts so that you can choose the perfect present for a friend or a loved one this Christmas.

We’ll discuss:


Supplies suitable for children

When it comes to buying art supplies for children, it’s important that you take their age into consideration before you pick anything up. The main reasons for this are that more complex art products, like alcohol ink marker pens, contain ingredients that little children aren’t really meant to use. Young kids have a tendency of putting things in their mouth, which obviously isn't good.

Younger children should be introduced to as many art supplies as possible, though. This is so that they’re not limited to any boundaries or possible instructions. Limitless art products give children a chance to express their creative mind at a young age, this a great way of letting them express their feelings so we shouldn’t put any strain on this and let them loose to do what they please. Just with materials that are appropriate.

As children start to move out of kindergarten, their artistic ability and knowledge will start to broaden. Coloring books and games are a great way to incorporate art with learning. Plus, books give the chance for children to color in their favorite characters in whichever way they like, allowing them to express themselves even further.

At the top end of kindergarten and into junior high, children will start to want to be challenged more. Why not try buying them a blank board game? This will allow them to color the board in how they like and come up with some challenging rules for them to enjoy themselves with their friends and for the whole family to join in too.


What supplies are teens in to?

As the stereotype goes, teenagers are renowned for being quite moody. But, luckily for them, this is encouraged in art. Teen art starts to develop into a lot more than just coloring and basic techniques that children tend to stick with. New techniques are introduced and the background about where a particular art form came from.

When trying new art forms and techniques, you’ll start to see this mood being expressed. Sometimes, it’s a way of releasing their mood and channeling it into something positive. The thing with teenagers is that the gift has to be the right, cool product, otherwise it’s likely that it won’t get used. So, if it’s your teenage son or daughter you’re shopping for, do a bit of light snooping to see what’s in their collection already. Supplies surrounding graffiti art and Manga/Anime characters tend to be popular with teenagers.

By the time that some teenagers have reached this age, they’ll have decided that they no longer want to do it as they “can’t” or they don’t think they have the right amount of talent to be good at it. This can all be changed with the introduction of a new technique that they might not have explored yet. Topics like 3D drawing tend to go down well with those teens entering back into art.


The perfect present to buy adult artists

Adult artists will have been practicing for years now and will have no doubt explored plenty of different techniques from across the globe. But, that’s the beauty of art, there’s always something you can learn. Try buying them introductory guides to new techniques, like Zentangle or Mandala art.

As they've been practicing for so long, the chances are they'll stick to what they love and focus less on other areas. A challenging yet interesting idea could be to expand their artistic arsenal. For instance, a new medium, art style, or surface to work on could make a good gift for your artist friend or loved one.

Adult artists tend to care massively about the quality of their work and won’t settle for anything short of the best they can possibly produce. It goes without saying, the better quality that your paints, brushes, pens and inks are, the likelihood it is that your work is going to reflect the same top quality. As a general rule of thumb when buying art supplies, if you buy cheap, you buy twice!

Chameleon Pens are the perfect present to gift this festive season. The unique, innovative pens are amazing and produce some of the best results in the marker pen game. Their innovative Mixing Chamber allows them to produce hundreds of different color tones with just 50 pens. Nevermind the various tones and blends you can create with just one pen too. If you’re looking for a gift that your adult friend or family member will love, Chameleon Pens are sure to not let you down.


Get in the Christmas spirit with festive inspired creativity

Christmas and the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year and what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than getting your craft on? Whether it’s creating your decorations with all the family or making thoughtful gifts for your friends and loved ones to appreciate, we’ve got you covered with lots of ideas. Download our free guide below and get into the Christmas cheer.

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