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How to choose markers for adult coloring

By Chameleon Art Products
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When choosing markers for adult coloring, there’s a lot to think about. Resist the urge to reach for your child’s pencil case or a cheap set you found down the local store. You need high-quality pens that allow you to create stunning pieces of art and that are better to use.

What to look for in adult coloring pens

Adult coloring is a fantastic activity to relax, unwind and decompress after a busy day. Just because it’s a hobby, doesn’t mean your work can’t look professional. You need the right pens for the job, however.

jGhUKreYImage by Cathy Lasam Ballo

If you’re shopping around for a new set of marker pens for adult coloring, make sure to find a set that use alcohol-based ink. You’re less likely to see streaks in your work that can leave it looking unprofessional.

Blending Colors Chameleon

With alcohol-based ink, you can blend colors to add depth and dimension to your work. With Chameleon Pens, you can use the innovative Mixing Chamber to create seamless color gradations.

Just attach the Mixing Chamber to the Brush Nib or Bullet Nib, hold it in a vertical position and allow the nib to change color and then color in a side-to-side motion. Work from light to dark in a seamless blend as the color slowly reverts back to its original tone.

Shading Flower 4

This process allows you to shade your work in a professional way, enhancing your work and creating realistic pieces.

Quick tips for using Chameleon Pens in coloring books

To make sure you create the best colored work using Chameleon Pens, keep these easy tips in mind:

  • Make sure your coloring book is single sided as alcohol-based pens tend to bleed. If your book is double sided, you might turn over the page and find that the ink has seeped through to the other side.
  • Check the quality of the paper in the coloring book. It's important to make sure that the paper used is suitable for alcohol markers.
  • When you’re coloring, place a few sheets of paper under the page you’re working on. That way, you can protect the pages below if you’re going to be laying down a lot of ink and creating overlays.

5XCvI0xgImage by Ian de Jesus

Whatever you create, make sure to share your work with the Chameleon Creative Community. It’s a great place to bounce ideas off other budding artists and find inspiration for your next piece.


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Main title Image by Ian de Jesus

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