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How to choose the best markers for coloring stamped images

By Chameleon Art Products
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Coloring stamped images is a great way to show off your vibrant, exciting self through the colors you choose. There are various different ways in which you can add color to your stamped images which include watercolors and marker pens. We believe that markers give you the best results and that Chameleon Pens are the markers that you’ve been searching for your whole life. Here’s why:

  • Alcohol based markers
  • Dual nibbed
  • Fantastic shading quality
  • Innovative products

Alcohol based markers

If you’re solely just wanting to color the stamped images, then an alcohol-based marker pen should be your choice. The ink dries rapidly and rules out any smudging catastrophes that could ruin your work in an instant.

Dual nibbed

Chameleon Pens have a nib at either end of the marker and it’s well known that dual nibs are perfect for coloring in stamped images because you can enjoy the benefits of having two pens in one. The pen is equipped with a Bullet Nib at one end and Japanese Super-Soft Brush Nib at the other.


The Bullet Nib is perfect for those intricate and delicate patterns that you may want to implement into your work to make it truly unique.

Fantastic shading quality with the innovative Mixing Chamber

Shading can be added to your stamped coloring to create more depth and impact. It’s also a way of putting your own spin on things for a truly unique piece of work. Chameleon Pens are revolutionary because one pen can create many different tones.

Simply dilute the nib in the innovative Mixing Chamber and produce a world of wonderfully blended tones, all from one pen. This is particularly important in coloring stamped images as you are encouraged to use different tones of the same color and also blend complementary colors together to make your work pop.

It’s never been easier to get incredible results. And achieve them with just one pen. Unique tools, unique results.

IlinaCrouse_warmtones1 (1)

Image by Ilina Crouse


Inventive products

Chameleon Pens are not only on hand to help you create the very best art you can. They’re also there to help you easily correct your art should something slightly not go to plan.

The Detail Pen is perfect for if your stamp hasn’t quite reached all of the paper and left gaps. Also, the Colorless Blender Pen is fantastic for correcting those sloppier moments where we might stray outside of the lines. Nobody needs to know they ever happened with these two fantastic pens.


Take a look at our professional-quality products that don’t break the bank

This blog might have helped you decide which pens are perfect for stamped images, now try them out for yourself.

Browse our product range and truly start Changing Color.



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