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    How to find the best markers for canvas shoes

    Drawing on a plain pair of canvas sneakers is a fantastic way to liven them up. But your choice of pens matters as you want tools that produce permanent ink, come with different nibs and allow for a wide range of vivid color tones. Here’s how to find the best markers for canvas shoes.

    When you’re looking for markers to draw on canvas shoes with, consider these features:

    Wide color range

    The best markers for canvas shoes are the ones that offer a wide color range. But will that mean you have to invest in a pen set with many pens?

    Not necessarily.

    Chameleon Pens have this unique little feature - the Mixing Chamber. When you fuse the pen nib in this chamber, you effectively dilute the ink into a lighter tone. As you shade, this color slowly returns to normal. This means one pen can produce multiple tones and you only need to fuse the nib for a matter of seconds, rather than shuffle through a mass of assorted colored markers.

    Chameleon Pen anatomy What a Chameleon Pen consists of

    Smooth, easy blending

    Unless you’re after a flat, 2D image, shadows and highlights can make your work look more impressive. Even cartoon-style images such as manga and comic book characters feature shadows and highlights. But if you’re going to create smooth tonal gradations, you’ll need multiple tones of the same colors (or end up with block colored work).

    Screenshot 2018-09-27 at 09.53.09

    Because of Chameleon Pens’ Mixing Chamber, you don’t need to invest in many, many pens anymore. One pen produces multiple tones and as you shade, the diluted color slowly returns to its saturated self. This means the blending happens at the source (the nib) and you don’t need to use a blending pen to make the colors look smoother. It just comes out that way!

    Alcohol based markers

    Water based markers take longer to dry than alcohol based markers due to the ink being suspended in a water solution. In contrast, alcohol pens dry almost instantly - making them the perfect contenders for drawing on canvas shoes with.

    Chameleon Pens are extremely popular alcohol markers due to the long lasting ink and professional quality.

    As canvas is a very absorbent surface, you will need to be aware of bleeding. This is easy to resolve by simply adding some aloe vera gel around the edges of the area you are coloring. The gel acts as a barrier and will stop any bleeding.

    Variety of nibs

    There may be parts of the shoe that require more steady, detailed work or a delicate hand. In these cases, you’ll need a pen nib that’s more appropriate. Chameleon Pens are double-ended, coming with two nibs that are designed for different purposes.

    The two nibs are:

    • Japanese Bullet Nib - the durable, firm nib that’s great for small, intricate work.
    • Japanese Super Soft Brush Nib - the soft nib whose fibers are designed to mimic a paintbrush. It’s great for larger areas of coloring

    Having two nibs means you don’t need to invest in more pens than you already have, which makes Chameleon Pens a more cost effective option.

    Screenshot 2018-09-27 at 09.53.41The Bullet Nib at work

    Keep on coloring like no other with our ultimate guide

    Drawing on shoes is super fun but if you really want to push the medium to the maximum, check out our techniques guide. It’s full of helpful tips, hints and advice on how to keep improving your penmanship.

    However, it’s not quite ready for viewing yet. But it’s nearly there so if you want to be the first to hear when it drops, sign up to our newsletter. In the meantime, why not take a look around our blog to find out a little more on what you can create with Chameleon Pens?


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