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    How to keep going when getting started with adult coloring

    You’ve probably heard about the rise of adult coloring. When you shop on Amazon, adult coloring books are now always near the top of the search results. So why do so many people like to unwind this way? We’ll cover why people are dusting off their pencil cases and show you some amazing examples of work to give you a little inspiration when getting started with adult coloring. 

    Benefits of adult coloring books

    It’s a good stress reliever

    There are so many things that we stress about. The mortgage, the kids, the job, Karen in accounts being a pain in the... are some of the worst offenders. Coloring is a great way of giving our minds a break from everyday life.

    It focuses our attention, giving us a simple activity for us to work on and distract us. Coloring relaxes our brain and allows us to work on something without being disturbed by our own thoughts and worries.

    There are no high stakes when it comes to adult coloring. If you color outside the lines or use a color tone you don’t like, it isn’t the end of the world. In fact, you might find you create something amazing without even meaning to.

    This helps deal with emotional issues

    Calming activities like adult coloring can be a significant help to people with depression, anxiety or PTSD. People who have experienced traumatic experiences are often left feeling in danger, even at times when they aren’t.

    Coloring can soothe and relax the body’s alert systems, calming the brain and allowing a person to regain focus.

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    It’s a good social activity too

    As adult coloring grows in popularity, it hasn’t taken people long to turn it into a group social activity. Adult coloring can be a fun and relaxing activity to do in a group setting. Coloring and wine is a fun twist on the traditional night out.

    Color designs with friends or work on a large group project together and be amazed at the final results. Plus you could chat with like-minded adult colorists online, for example in the Chameleon Creative Community.

    Coloring improves brain skills

    Adult coloring uses both hemispheres of our brains, so even though you’re relaxed and calm, your brain is working hard and improving itself. When we think about how to adjust holding the pen, color choices and where to color, we’re actually problem solving and refining motor skills.

    You could work on increasingly difficult designs and pieces to improve not only your coloring skills but also your fine motor and problem solving skills.


    Now, sticking with coloring: Some advice and tips

    Even though you might’ve found that adult coloring works for you, it can still be difficult to keep going. There are some days when you just won’t want to or you’ll find it hard or stressful.

    Screenshot 2018-10-08 at 10.40.09

    Like with any hobby, a little bit each day can help you to develop your talents and grow your love for adult coloring. Find a quiet part of your day that you can dedicate some time to coloring. If you have a busy house, it’s not the time to put pen to paper.

    If you have little ones, they’re not going to understand why your coloring is any different to theirs, and they’ll inevitably want to get involved. You need some peace and quiet so that you can relax, unwind and create beautiful designs. Here are some tips:

    • Set aside 30 or even 20 minutes on a midweek evening just for coloring.
    • Choose a coloring book with designs that interest you.
    • Try different times of the day or week and stick to it.
    • Treat coloring like you would watching TV or reading a book - it’s time for relaxing.
    • Try it on your lunch break at work.
    • Use coloring pens or pencils that are easy, dependable and a joy to use.


    Check out the video below for some more inspiration on how to keep going when getting started with coloring...

    Why we love adult coloring

    Here at Chameleon Art Products, we absolutely love adult coloring. It’s a fantastic activity for someone who might have been artsy when they were younger and they’re looking to flex those creative muscles again.

    Once you’re finished getting started with adult coloring, the possibilities are endless. There are so many creative projects you can complete with the help of Chameleon Pens, including homemade greeting cards and wedding invitations. Browse our blog for lots more tips on all things color.

    There are so many amazing adult coloring creations we could highlight from the Chameleon Creative Community, but we’ve chosen just a few to give you an idea of what’s possible with a little patience and Chameleon Pens.

    Colored by Kate, Drawn by Bennett Klein 

    Instagram user @kt_fly_me used Chameleon Pens to color in this stunning piece that was in an adult coloring book.

    Image by Marzena M

    Artist @miedzykreskami used a coloring page and Chameleon Pens to create this stunning Day of the Dead themed piece.

    Colored by Karol Wolf Gomez, Drawn by Andreas Preis

    @wolfstudy used Chameleon Pens to color in this amazing fox design. They even created a quick video to show how they used our pens to create color gradations thanks to the innovative Mixing Chamber.

    Video by Karol Wolf Gomez

    Perfect your coloring techniques

    If you’re getting started with adult coloring, download our guide that’s packed with tips, tutorials and ideas.

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