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How to make your own Christmas tree baubles

By Chameleon Art Products
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Handmade Christmas baubles are more special and personal than any store-bought alternatives, no matter how expensive they are. Every year you’ll be reminded of the time you made your baubles, especially if it was an activity you did with your children. Bring your tree to life with our guide on how to make your own Christmas tree baubles.

Christmas bauble by Ilina Crouse

All images by Ilina Crouse

Creating a tree decoration at home

Ilina Crouse, an incredibly talented crafter and artist, created a beautiful penguin decoration that’s perfect for your own tree or as a gift for someone else. We’ll take you through the process so you can follow along at home. But first, here’s exactly what you’ll need.

  1. Stamp images on white card stock and color with your Chameleon Pens. For the penguins, we’d recommend using the Black and Cool Gray pens. Infuse each of the pens for about 10-15 seconds and color from left to right. It’s always a good idea to practice first so you have a good idea of the blend you’re looking for.

    Use the Seville Orange pen to color the feet and the beak. Infuse for just a few seconds for the perfect tone.

    When coloring the sleigh, use the Bark pen and infuse it for around 3-5 seconds, again, coloring from left to right. You don’t have to use Chameleon Pens to color in the stamps, but with alternatives, you may not have the same blend of colors as in Ilina’s example.

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  1. Die cut all of the images. Cut out 80mm circles of the card for the back of the ornament. Cut the circles so that they achieve a layered look. This image from Ilina shows exactly what the cuts should look like.

How to make your own Christmas baubles

  1. Stamp snowflakes onto the uncut circle. If you don’t have a stamp available to do this, you can just draw your own. Then, stamp the trees and die cut. You’ll also need to stamp or just write a Christmas message.

 Make your own baubles

  1. Layer everything so that it looks like the image below. There should be room for snowflakes to be added and room within the ornament. If there’s no space, remove a layer or find a bigger ornament. Add the snowflakes and the half-dome ornament.

Making your own Christmas decorations


  1. Experiment with how many snowflakes you have inside the ornament. There should be enough to create the perfect winter scene without completely covering the images of the penguins and trees. Add ribbon and a bow so that it can be hung on the tree.

    Once you’ve created this wonderful decoration, you’re able to make changes when making more. Think about different images as well as ornament shapes and sizes to create a wide range of different baubles to make your tree look magical.

    Here are some other Christmas tree ornament ideas we’ve picked up when scouring the web.
  • Wrap a large styrofoam ball with festive fabric. Tie it with a silver ribbon and bow so that it can hang from the tree. Add little sprigs of seasonal foliage or even some mistletoe.
  • Sugar cookies are the perfect tree decoration. Easy to make in the kitchen and a delicious treat when no one is looking. Make them into Christmas-themed shapes and decorate them with seasonal colored icing.
  • Turn ordinary toothpicks and a styrofoam ball into something magical. Stick as many toothpicks into the ball as you can and then cover the whole thing in spray paint and glitter. You’re left with a stunning star-like decoration that’s perfect atop the tree.
  • Glittery light bulbs. Don’t throw away light bulbs once they stop working. Instead, cover them in glitter and they make beautiful decorations.
  • Tie a ribbon onto old photographs for a tree that’s bursting with family memories. A great activity to do with the whole family as you reminisce.
  • Revamping old baubles. Thinking of throwing those old and plain baubles away? Even the newest of crafters can turn these destined-for-the-garbage-can decorations into something new and exciting. Cover them in felt or just add letters to give them a new lease of life.
  • Orange and apple slices make wonderful and fragrant tree baubles. Bake the oranges for around four hours on the lowest temperature. Thread twine through a small hole and they’re ready for the tree.

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