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How to refill Chameleon Pens

By Chameleon Art Products
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It’s annoying when you run out of ink and you can’t find the marker color that you need so you have to settle for an alternative pen of a similar color instead of the one you wanted. There are many beautiful things about Chameleon Pens, but a major one is that you can refill the ink, so they are a fine art tool worth investing in as you can keep and use them for a long time. And it’s a very simple process as well. Here’s how to refill Chameleon Pens.


The refill kit

Every Chameleon Pen has its own refill kit, which you can purchase online here. The refill kits come in their own little box which is labelled with the color code. You no longer have to risk replacing your dry pen with a lookalike color that may or may not ruin your artwork.

The kits consist of:
  • The inkwell bottle - containing 25ml of ink, which can be used to refill the pens eight to ten times in full, or up to 25 times if you follow our recommended 1ml at a time top-ups.
  • The ink injector - resembles a syringe and comes in two parts (the chamber that holds the ink and the injecting needle, which is blunt so there’s no danger of accidentally stabbing and injuring yourself). Each refill kit comes with its own ink injector so there’s never any cross-contamination of color.
  • Instruction leaflet - contains a picture step-by-step process of how to refill the ink.

Getting started: prep your workstation

First, place a paper towel down on the surface that you’ll be working on to protect it from any ink spills. If you want to ensure that your clothes are protected too, then go ahead and don some overalls or an apron.

Place your inkwell bottle on a flat surface. This might seem like an obvious step, but we all know how easy it is to knock little objects like these over or accidentally place them on tilted surfaces and end up spilling the ink everywhere.

Remove the Bullet Nib

To get to the ink chamber, you need to remove the pen nib. Make sure that you remove the Bullet Nib and not the Brush Nib. This is extremely important because the Brush Nib is a super soft Japanese Brush Nib and you want to avoid damaging it by pulling, pushing and twisting it unless you’re actually going to change the nib.

Use our nib tweezers to gently pull the Bullet Nib out. These tweezers are specially designed to pull Chameleon Pen nibs out. They have long, slim arms and square pinchers that bend inwards, which make doing fiddly work, such as removing pen nibs and getting into narrow spaces, such as if you need to change the Mixing Chamber nib, much easier.

replacing a chameleon pens b=nib

Fill the injector with 1ml of ink

Set the Bullet Nib which you’ve just pulled out and the pen to the side. Ensure that your injector needle is fixed onto the chamber properly. Then place it in the inkwell bottle. Lightly pull 1ml of ink into the tube, which is clearly marked so you can see exactly how much ink you’ve pulled up.

chameleon pens how to refill ink


Fix the injector into the pen and refill

Once you’ve pulled up 1ml of ink, take your Chameleon Pen and slide the needle into the place the nib used to be. You may initially feel a little resistance, but just gently push the needle in and slowly inject the ink into the pen.

filling a chameleon pen with fresh ink


Replace the Nib and check it’s fitted properly

Take up your tweezers and gently drop the Bullet Nib back into the pen. Use the tweezers to grasp just above where there’s a little seam on the nib and lightly push and tap it back into place. Never push the top of the nib because you could risk hurting the tip.

Check that your nib is seated properly because when you come to use your pens again, you want the pen nib and the Mixing Chamber Nib to lightly meet in the Mixing Chamber so you can fuse perfectly. They shouldn’t be pushed up against each other as that would mean you didn’t fix the Bullet Nib back in far enough. If that’s the case, simply take your tweezers and gently tap the nib in again.

how to attach chameleon pens nib


Optional: Clean the injector with rubbing alcohol

Now you don’t have to do this, but we like to rinse the injector out with some rubbing alcohol for clean storage. Because each ink refill kit comes with its own injector, you never have to worry about mixing different colors of ink so cleaning isn’t necessary. However, if you want to prevent leftover drops of ink dripping out and staining things, rinsing the injector out with rubbing alcohol will help.

It’s important to remember that each Chameleon Pen comes filled with 3ml of ink when you first buy them, so you should never refill more than that much or you risk overfilling. This, of course, will lead to ink spillages which is a waste of ink.

Although you can fill the injector with 3ml of ink, we always recommend filling no more than 1ml at a time so you’re always sure that you’re not going to overfill your pens. After all, as the unofficial Chameleon motto goes, ‘less is more.'

And there you have it. Refilling a Chameleon Pen really is that simple.

finished chameleon pen refill

Now that you know how to refill Chameleon Pens, why don’t you go ahead, make some beautiful creations and share them via #ChameleonPens and become part of the Chameleon Creative Community?


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