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How to use Chameleon Pens & Color Tops to Color Blend

By Chameleon Art Products
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Do you want to learn more about how to use Chameleon products? Yes?! Well, keep reading to discover awesome tips and tricks by the very talented full-time professional artist - Dino Tomic. Plus, take a look at some of Dino's amazing drawings produced with Chameleon art supplies. 

To kick things off, here's why Dino enjoys using Chameleon products for his artwork: "What I really like about Chameleon as a company is that they are doing things differently and always trying to do something new and innovative! That's what I am and my art is all about and that's one of the reasons I love using their products! It sparks creativity in places you never knew you could find some!"

How to Use Chameleon Pens & Color Tops to Color Blend

Color swatching by Dino Tomic

Video by Dino Tomic

Wow! How amazing was it to watch Dino's video tutorial on how to create color blends. It's no magic -  you can simply mix multiple colors together to create beautiful color gradient transitions. Even after years of using Chameleon products, Dino says he's "still mind blown by how well this works. That you can take a dark color and go to light and then back to dark again without smudging the tip."

Top tip: Always make sure the nib of the Chameleon Pen is positioned upwards when being infused with the Chameleon Color Top nib. This means the Chameleon Color Top will go on top of the vertically positioned Chameleon Pen.

How to Infuse a Chameleon Pen with a Chameleon Color Top

Infusing a Chameleon Pen with a Chameleon Color Top

Chameleon Art Products Used:

- Chameleon Pen Fuchsia PK5
- Chameleon Pen Red Coral RD2
- Chameleon Color Top Summer Sun YL2
- Chameleon Color Top Evergreen GR4


Color Challenge: Using Only 3 Chameleon Pens

Video by Dino Tomic

In this video above Dino wanted to challenge himself to use only 3 Chameleon Pens for the entire piece of artwork. 

To create the different color tones from 1 Chameleon Pen, Dino took advantage of the Mixing Chamber. When he infused the nib of the Chameleon Pen with the Mixing Chamber Nib this caused the color to come out like a fade and gradually change back to the original strong color. Dino repeatedly used this method over and over again - which you can see how nice and colorful the end result is even if he just used 3 colors in total! 

How to Infuse a Chameleon Pen with the Mixing Chamber

How to infuse a Chameleon Pen with a Mixing Chamber Chameleon Art Products Used:

- Chameleon Pen Fuchsia PK5
- Chameleon Pen Turquoise BG3
- Chameleon Pen Light Peach NU2

You can buy all 3 of these colors individually or you can find the colors included together in our Chameleon Introductory Kit and our Chameleon 30 Pen Complete Me Set. 

Do you want to try out this fun Color Challenge? Take a pick from our selection of awesome coloring pages to print out and color in. You will find our full selection of coloring pages by clicking here

Dino's Chameleon Coloring Book - Mandalas Gone Wild

An exciting project Dino worked with Chameleon on was creating a coloring book. Dino designed 20 unique animal mandala drawings to color in. Each piece of artwork was carefully designed to work with Chameleon products so that you can easily use the blending technique (shown previously in this blog). In the video below  you will see some of the amazing pages of the coloring book being colored in with Chameleon Pens.


If you want to get your hands on this amazing coloring book, click here to shop. 

Chameleon Coloring Pencils 

But a coloring book isn't the only place you'll find Dino's incredible work. You'll also find his art on the cover of our colored pencils! 

Chameleon Pencil Set 25 Pencils
Artwork by Dino Tomic

"The color pencils they have are super fun to work with since they are double-sided and the opposite color on each side is complimentary. This way you never have to search for the best matching color to the one you use since it's already attached to the pencil you use. Very easy way to switch around and play with different mixes!"


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Top image by Dino Tomic.