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Journaling Tips, Decorating your Bujo using Markers and Fineliners

By Chameleon Art Products
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Make your Bujos, notebooks, scrapbooks and planners as unique as you are!

With Chameleon, long gone are the days of black on white pages thanks to our innovative fineliner. Blending multiple colors together is so easy when you have a pen that does the blending for you.

Bring your notes to life with a revolutionary fineliner that will change the way you write!


Are you ready to be introduced to a world full of color blending possibilities? 



By swapping the pen caps, or “hop the top” you can seamlessly blend from one color to another. It’s super easy to do and the effects are mesmerising!


Finliner 3


Meet the Chameleon Fineliners – the unique tool to help you write, draw, doodle, and color like no other.

Meet today’s featured contributor


CarolinaGhelfiHi! My name is Carolina Ghelfi. I’m from Argentina, but I currently live in Italy. Art has always been a part of my life, one way or the other. I discovered scrapbooking several years ago and since then I just couldn't stop exploring and experimenting with products and techniques. I loved how you could be creative at the same time as telling your own story. I find scrapbooking, not only a way to live a more creative life, but also to express myself, connect with my loved ones, and to re-live my happy memories as well as process the not so happy ones. Over time, I ended up teaching scrapbooking classes online and developing my own line of scrapbooking materials! I’ve participated on important Craft TV shows as well as in magazines.  Since I came across Chameleon Art Products, I discovered a whole new world of artistic possibilities!

Carolina’s website
Carolina’s Instagram
Carolina’s Facebook


Are you excited to find out how Chameleon Fineliners work?? You should be, they’re amazing!


So, now that you know how these magical fineliners work it’s time for you to learn some amazing techniques on decorating your scrapbooks, journals, tags, and Bujos!

Carolina Ghelfi-TUTORIAL1-3

What you need to make memories that last a lifetime: 

  • Chameleon Fineliners
  • Chameleon Pens
  • Chameleon Color Tops
  • Other scrapbooking items such as: adhesive, stamps etc.



Carolina Ghelfi-TUTORIAL1-11


Want to get your hands on the NEW Chameleon Fineliners??

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