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Launching Color like no other: What it is and how to win

By Chameleon Art Products
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This month, we’re launching our “Color like no other” theme and we’re asking you guys to enter our competition and show us how you color like no other. You could help inspire other people, develop your own talents and be the winner of some awesome Chameleon Pens and Pencils.


What is “Color like no other” and what’s the aim of it?

“Color like no other” celebrates the fact that Chameleon Art Products can help you do things that other art tools can’t.

For starters, Chameleon Pens have a unique Mixing Chamber which allows the pen inks to be diluted at the source (the nib) rather than on the page. This revolutionary technology means that you can access multiple color tones and create smooth, seamless blends - all with a single pen.

Every month, Chameleon Art Products will be holding a different theme where we encourage all of our Chameleon Creative Community members to band together and share ideas. This month, it’s “Color like no other.”


What’s the grand prize?

The three lucky winners of the Color like no other competition will receive the complete Chameleon collection. That means 52 Chameleon Pens, 50 Color Tops and 25 Chameleon Pencils.

Imagine what you’ll create if you have all those tools in your art-arsenal.


How do I enter?

All you need to do to enter is to create some artwork to show us how you can color like no other artist. You could be in for a chance of winning that incredible prize.


Competition Is Closed


For some inspiration, check out our social media, take a look around our awesome new website or keep reading this post. We’ll be talking about what makes Chameleon products so special and what you can create with them.


Why are Chameleon Pens so special?

In the video below, Warren Louw shows us how to create realistic looking hair, complete with highlights and shadows. Using just one Chameleon Pen. 




Angela (Theavies.Art) created this stunning image below using the YG3 Chameleon Pen. Don’t just be green with envy, try out a one pen challenge yourself.


But it’s not just one pen blends

Chameleon Pens allow you to easily create gorgeous one pen blends using a single pen. But what if you wanted to create multiple color blends? Chameleon Pens can do that too.

Check out the video below where Julia Benben shows how to create cool color overlays. 




What about other Chameleon art tools?

Chameleon Pens might be talked about like crazy, but they’re not the only art tool that can help you unlock the world of color. Chameleon Color Tops are another one of our innovative creations that can help you blend multiple color gradients.

Watch the video below to see how Julia Benben is, this time, using our Color Tops. 




And here’s how to create a wood grain texture using one Chameleon Pen and one Color Top.




It’s not just pens that can help you color like no other

What if you’re not a pen user? Chameleon Pencils feature two complementary tones so you only need to flip to blend. We’ve done the color matching for you so you can spend more time creating awesome art.

You can easily color between the tones and create buttery smooth color transitions. Check out the video below where Cathy shows us how the pencils work.




Want more inspiration? Ian de Jesus creates stunning bokeh backgrounds using Chameleon Pencils.




Why not see what you can do using Chameleon Pens by downloading our guide below. 

Unlock Your Potential With Chameleon Pens Guide CTA