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Lettering Ideas, Calligraphy Tutorial with Chameleon Fineliner Pens

By Chameleon Art Products
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Make the world stop in awe of your incredible lettering skills!

Modern calligraphy has so many uses. It looks fantastic on invitations, cards, posters, documents, signs, and in bullet journals.
As everyone at Chameleon is feeling so inspired by all the stunning hand lettering artwork we’ve been seeing, we’re showing you how you can take part in the art of calligraphy.

Calligraphy is stunning, creative, and a skill for everyone – seriously, anyone can do it you just need a bit of practice.

And the right tools for the job…

Introducing Chameleon Fineliners – the unique tool to help you write, draw, doodle, and color like no other.



By swapping the pen caps, or “hop the top” you can seamlessly blend from one color to another. It’s really easy to do and the effects are mesmerising!



Meet today’s featured contributor


A creative soul, calligrapher. Lettering artist, and teacher at heart. She works with brands and wedding clients in creating timeless calligraphy pieces. Her creations are full of energy, yet delicate, imperfect, and minimalist.

Beauty in simplicity, movement in texture.

Maurelle’s website
Maurelle’s Instagram
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Want to see for yourself how you can create one pen color blends using Chameleon Fineliners? Watch our 'How Chameleon Fineliners Work Video here!


Now that you know how to create some super cool color blends, it’s time to grab your free calligraphy download and color along with Maurelle! 

What you need to take courage with your creativity:

  • Chameleon Fineliners
  • If you’re writing your own quote, you’ll also need an HB pencil, kneaded eraser, and paper


So now that you’ve got all your materials, it’s time to learn how you can totally impress everyone with your incredible lettering skills!


Don’t forget to download Maurelle’s step-by-step instructions to learn her top tips for hand lettering.

Download Tutorial



Download Line Art

Want to get your hands on the NEW Chameleon Fineliners??

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