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    Chameleon Art Products

    Mandalas Gone Wild

    We’re celebrating the New Year with a brand new Chameleon product!

    Join us in going wild for our new coloring book illustrated by the one and only… Dino Tomic.

    Most known for his mind-blowing tattooing skills and setting his artwork on fire, Dino is now the proud author of his first ever coloring book.
    Spiral bound, 20 incredible designs and printed on poster board – which makes it perfect to use with your Chameleon products as well as a range of other mediums.

    You can see why we love our new book so much.

    Mandalas Gone Wild [Web]-1


    But the celebrations don’t stop there.

    Dino’s been working with 20 of his extremely talented artistic friends to color in his book. So, hold on to your seatbelts as January is full of jaw dropping inspiration.




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    Get involved with this month’s theme by picking up for copy of Mandalas Gone Wild and Chameleon products here!


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