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Mixed Media ‘Birds’

By Cathy Andronicou
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Monika joins us today with this colourful design titled Mixed Media ‘Birds’ . We gave Monica this image from the art coloring book by Katy Sue Designs, which has been beautifully illustrated by Sandra Rushton.


by Monika Kuriata

We asked Monica for her inspiration for this project this is what she said " I was inspired by the picture to make a lot of happiness by coloring the bird and flowers. Thanks to beautiful, bright range of Chameleon Pens I was able to achieve it. I was surprised how bullet nib can help with coloring tiny details and still getting a dimension of color on that small surfaces." We agree the bullet nib is great for colouring small areas and works really well with colouring book images!

Materials Used:- Chameleon Color Tones Deluxe Set: Sky Blue (BL3), Royal Blue (BL6), Grass Green (GR3), Spring Meadow (YG3), Summer Sun (YL2), Warm Sunset (YO3), Seville Orange (OR4), Crimson Red (RD4), Blue Violet (BV4), Deep Violet (VO4), Purple Grape (PR4), Hot Cocoa (BR2), Olive Green (OL3), Bubble Gum (PK3), Cool Grey (CG8), Deep Black (BK4), Colorless Blender (CB), Fine black ink pen 0,20mm, Eye shadows: Light yellow, dark yellow, pink, light blue, dark blue.


  • Select image from Katy Sue Designs Art Colouring Book Birds. (We have copied it onto card, so that we can show you the steps more easily).


  • Start with Sky Blue (BL3) to color beak and back of the bird as well as the back long feathers. Infuse brush nib for 5 seconds  and color back and long feathers of bird starting from the top and going down, infuse for 2 seconds to color the beak. Infuse Royal Blue (BL6) for 10-15 seconds and color again the back and the long feathers of the bird the same direction as previously. Infuse for 8 seconds add some shades on the beak of the bird.



  • Use Cool Grey (CG8) for the head and rest of the feathers. Infuse brush nib for 15 seconds and start coloring the head and small feathers, color irregularly to get different shades on different feathers



  • Use Deep Black (BK4) to some areas to make even more deepness on the feathers. Infuse brush nib for 5 to 8 seconds and color some of the feathers. Then use Blue Violet (BV4), infuse for 10 to 15 seconds to color a few feathers. Use Deep Violet (VO4) for the beak, infuse for 8seconds and color from the top going down. On the darkest areas make some stripes using Colorless Blender (CB) bullet nib. Then using Cool Grey (CG8) bullet nib add some details on the head following the existing lines.


  • Colour the big flowers using Pink Bubble (PK3), Summer Sun (YL2) and Warm Sunset (YO3). Start with Pink Bubble (PK3) infusing brush nib for 10 seconds and color from the middle of the petal to the edges. Add some Summer Sun (YL2), infuse for 10 seconds and color in opposite way, starting from the edge of the petals. Add some Warm Sunset (YO3) to the petals shading from the edge of the petal to the middle. Infuse 10-15 seconds.


5)second photo

  • Colour the leaves with Spring Meadow (YG3). Use bullet nib and infuse for 2-5 seconds and color leaves going from the edge to the middle. Repeat  this with all leaves. Also color the stamens of big pinky-yellow flowers . Add Grass Green (GR3) to some of the leaves, infuse bullet nib for 3-6 seconds and color different leaves with different infusion. Add this color to stamens as well infusing for 2 seconds bullet nib.


  • For small flowers use Deep Violet (VO4) and Purple Grape (PR4). Infuse brush nib for 5 seconds, 6 seconds, 8seconds, and 10 seconds to get different dimension of the color for the petals, some color with (VO4) and some with (PR4). Colour them from the edge of petals to the middle of the flower.


  • The small flowers are coloured using Crimson Red (RD4), infuse brush nib for 6 to 10 seconds and color from the edge of the petals to the middle of the flowers


  • Colour twigs using Hot Cocoa (BR2) and Olive Green (OL2). Start with Hot Cocoa (BR2), infuse brush nib for 6 seconds and colour in all the twigs and small leaves in between the small flowers. Repeat all moves using Olive Green (OL2), infuse every time for different period of time (from 2 to 6 seconds) to get different shades of color on the twigs and leaves 9)
  • All the middles of the small flowers color with Crimson Red (RD4) bullet nib and then make some dots on the top of it with Bark  (BR5) bullet nib.


  • Colour the Bands with Sky Blue (BL6), infuse brush nib for 8 seconds and colour from the pointy end of the bands, repeat that moves with Royal Blue (BL6). Then Using Royal Blue (BL6) finish all tiny details of the bands infusing bullet nib just for 2 seconds the colour should be quite dark. Then colour the ends of the stamens using Seville Orange (OR4) bullet nib.

11) third photo


  • For the background make some nice bubbles using Summer Sun (YL2), Seville Orange (OR4) and Crimson Red (RD4). Infuse brush nib for 8-10 seconds and start making a bubble from the middle to the edges of your imagined bubble. Repeat it many times using different colours.


12)second photo

  • To make your picture more expressive use super fine black ink pen and follow the existing lines with relaxed hand to get the sketching look of the outlines. Leave only bands and bubbles without black outlines.

13)forth photo

  • For rest of the background use eye shadows: light yellow, dark yellow, light pink, light blue and dark blue. Use ear sticks with circular movement to make some clouds, more yellow near the bird and going further some pink and blues. Use a tissue to smudge all the eye shadow’s  background to get more smooth look.


What a great design, we love the added bubbles and who would of thought to colour the background with eyeshadow, what unusual things have you used in your crafting, we would love to hear - let us know in your comments!


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