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Mixed Media Monday With Tanya

By Cathy Andronicou
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Welcome to another Mixed Media Monday, today we have a photo canvas tutorial to share using Chameleon pens with other Mixed Media products.


By Tanya Batrak

We asked Tanya what inspiration she drew for this project and this is what she said "I was eager to try Chameleon pens on different surfaces. And I must say that all my experiments had wonderful results."

Materials Used: Chameleon Color Tones Deluxe Set; Purple Grape (PR4); Bubble Gum (PK3); Olive Green (OL3); 4 canvases (5x5 cm); 3 canvases (10x10 cm), Hero Arts stamp; vintage resin applique; circle chipboard; white gesso; 2 photos (8x8 cm).


  • Infuse the brush tip of the Purple Grape pen for 5 seconds and color from top right corner to bottom left corner making beautiful ombre brush strokes on a small canvas (5x5 cm). Repeat this step on the other three small canvases



  • Using the chest board stencil apply white gesso on the painted canvas.
  • The paint from the pen will react with the gesso to reveal light pink color. Let it dry completely.


  • Using the Bubble Gum pen start to color the center of the roses on the vintage resin applique. You will be surprised how easy it is.
  • Infuse the brush tip of the Purple Grape pen for 5 seconds and begin to color the rest of the rose petals from the center towards the outside of the rose.


  • Color the leaf on the resin applique with Olive Green pen staring from the bottom.
  • Infuse the brush tip of the Olive Green pen for 5 seconds and color the rest of the leaf. Repeat this step with all of the leaves.
  • Stamp sentiment on all small canvases.


  • Adhere a yellow rose lace, circle chipboard and the resin applique in the middle of the big canvas.
  • Adhere the photos (8x8 cm) on the other two big canvases (10x10 cm).
  • Adhere all three big canvases on a yellow lace to connect them together.


Tags: floral, mixed media, Nature, News, one pen bends, photo canvas, 3D project, chameleon color tone pens, chameleon color tones

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