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Partnership with Resilience Agenda for Stress Awareness Month

By Chameleon Art Products
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To help raise awareness of a very important issue, Chameleon has teamed up with Resilience Agenda to promote Stress Awareness Month.

Resilience Agenda's logoResilience Agenda’s vision is changing the meaning of mental health. Imagine a world where people are inspired to think of their mental fitness like their physical fitness and to know the tools and strategies that make learning about our own mental health more relevantengaging and inspiring.

Resilience Agenda offers an amazing range of products to help you with your mental health and combat stress, including mental fitness diaries, notebooks, and gift items which you can find on their shop here.  

Why have Chameleon Art Products partnered up with Resilience Agenda?

Who doesn’t love bright colors to brighten a tough day?

Did you know writing and drawing help with dealing with stress and mental health? It helps us to get down what’s floating around our minds onto paper to structure our thoughts. Being creative is an amazing way to distract us from the stresses of life.

Our colorful Chameleon Fineliners are perfect for writing and drawing inside Resilience Agenda's diaries and notebooks. We have an impressive color range of 48 Chameleon Fineliners to pick from but with the unique capabilities of our pens being able to color blend, you can actually create over 1,000 color combinations!

Art pens Chameleon Fineliners 48 pack brilliant colors blending

Watching your pen change from one color to another is extremely satisfying and calming and therefore great for relieving stress. Resilience Agenda love high-quality writing products and with our Chameleon Fineliners designed with a 0.3mm fine point Japanese precision metal-clad tip,
this allows for super smooth writing performance and that's why Resilience Agenda love Chameleon pens. 


To find out more about the work Resilience Agenda do to help with mental health and the stresses of everyday life, watch the video below. 


Resiliance Agenda

Video by Hadleigh Fischer


Rebecca from our Marketing Team interviewed Hadleigh Fischer, founder of Resilience Agenda to find out more about the wonderful story of Resilience Agenda and how they have been so successful to become
one of the world’s leading positive mental health awareness social enterprises. 

As the founder, please explain the story behind Resilience Agenda. 

Growing up, I lived in a family closely touched by mental ill-health. My mother, father, and brother were all affected by it, but somehow I never thought that it applied to me. I was fine, they weren’t and that was the end of it.

But as I entered the workforce a decade ago, and started opening up about my family’s experience with mental ill-health, friends and colleagues started talking to me about it more and more. I realised that we weren’t uniquely weird or strange, and that roughly 1 in 4 people in a given year will have a diagnosable mental health condition. Many of the things that derail us in life are the result of unsupported mental health issues. At the same time, I started a mid-20 year old’s exploration of personal development, philosophy and positive psychology, and was staggered I’d never been exposed to these ideas earlier in life. I wanted to do everything I could to look after myself, and manage my mental health (even though there was nothing ‘wrong with it’) in the same way I managed my physical health. And that’s why I started Resilience Agenda - I wanted to share the tools that I had learnt, but also to make them simpler to understand and get started on. And, we had to turn these good mental health tools and skills into habits. So five years ago we created a diary. Something to remind people each and every day to make time for themselves, and their mental health, and to prioritise what’s important.

Hadleigh Fischer Resilience Agenda Founder

What was the background behind selecting the brand name? 

The idea of building mental health skills and resources before we need them is resilience – it’s the ability to bounce back and achieve what we want despite adversity. And in Europe a diary or planner is called an Agenda – and we wanted to put Resilience ‘on the agenda’ – so Resilience Agenda was born.

Resilience Agenda champion Mental Fitness, please can you explain more about this term and why do you think Mental Fitness is important? 

Our big idea is Mental Fitness – the idea that you can take care of, and build your mental health just like you can your physical health. 

For us, Mental Fitness is a mindset, process, and set of strategies for maintaining, improving and developing our mental health. 

It’s important, because today so many people are struggling to cope with aspects of their lives, which is putting them at risk of poor mental health. If we can learn the tools of Mental Fitness, then we can have a set of tools and strategies to turn to in difficult times, hopefully which have become habits, and that we can use to overcome challenges, whether they are from the past, or everyday hassles. 

The Mental Fitness Toolkit - Resilience Agenda

You must be very proud of Resilience Agenda being one of the world's leading positive mental health awareness social enterprises. Why do you think Resilience Agenda have been so successful in leading mental health awareness? 

Thanks, I am pleased with where we’ve got to, but there’s so much more to be done. I think because we’re real, because we speak to people in a language they understand, and because we inspire them. 

Too often, we hear about the worst extremes of poor mental health, and we think that’s all there is. We paint a vision for people about what good mental health looks like, and a pathway for getting there. It doesn’t mean it’s easy, or that arrival is guaranteed. But people feel empowered and engaged by dealing with us. 

I think we also buck a few trends. When we started, people wondered why we built a diary, and not an app. I knew that people need a place each day where they aren’t distracted by the details and notifications, and where they could spend ten minutes ‘getting on top of everything.’ People like what we stand for, what we create, and how we tell it how it is. 

What makes your diaries and notebooks unique?  

We’re the first company to go global saying ‘we create mental health diaries.’ We tackle the issue of mental health stigma head-on, and help people to reimagine mental health.

The content within is also scientifically backed. There’s very little ‘you can do it’ fluff in there. They are evidence based, learnable, repeatable strategies that can be developed over time.

Finally, the diaries are a great conversation starter for mental health. It’s hard to talk about mental health sometimes, and by giving someone a Mental Fitness Diary, or even buying one for yourself, you are saying that you believe in good mental health, that you understand it can be improved, and you put yourself in the driver’s seat. That’s why people love our diaries.  

Resilience Agenda Brown 2021 Diary & Pink Ruled Notebook


I love the range of colors you have for the diaries and notebooks! Why did you bring out a more brightly colored diary option?

We want people to feel inspired and calm when they pick up their notebook or their Resilience Agenda diary each day. It’s not about happiness, it’s about getting that sense of ‘control’ that comes from organising the most important things of the day. 

To reframe mental health away from grey and black (two colors often associated with the subject), we thought, why not give people something bright, colorful, and tactile that they can enjoy opening up each morning. 

Teal Resilience Agenda 2021 diary

Why would you encourage people who have the diary and/or notebook to write, color and draw inside them with colored pens?

How to use Chameleon Fineliners art pens - write draw color blendIt’s so easy to get cluttered up in our minds with our 50,000 thoughts a day, plus all the memories from the past, our dreams and fears for the future, not to mention the news, social media or emails.

Writing helps us to slow down. To process what’s on our minds. It gives us a chance to find meaning in events, and hopefully some clarity. It helps us to realise that our thoughts are not reality, they are merely suggestions. And by downloading them onto a page, we can find out if they are true, if we like them, if they are useful, and can start the process of recreating them. 

Writing and drawing help us find ‘flow’ too – a state where we aren’t asleep, we aren’t thinking, we’re just ‘in the zone’ – where time passes, we do something constructive, and at the end we feel ‘yeah, I just did that.’ What a great way to spend a few minutes each day. 

What is the vision for Resilience Agenda?

We imagine a world where people think of their Mental Fitness just like their physical fitness. That means when they think about their week ahead, they factor in how what they do impacts their mental health, and they create time to proactively and reactively recover from stress and overwhelm. 

Just like Nike helped create a movement of people obsessed by physical fitness 40 years ago, we’d love to do the same for mental health. Where everyone has a handful of ‘go-to’ healthy strategies that work for them, when they get down or feel blocked. 

We want to take this mission to workplaces, to schools, to sporting clubs, and to make Mental Fitness something that we all understand and take action on, no matter our education, background, or prior experience of mental health. 

If we can get people speaking a common language of Mental Fitness, then talking about mental health is going to be a whole lot easier.


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