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Pinterest Inspiration – DIY Unicorn Décor

By Chameleon Art Products
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You’re never too old for unicorns, at least that’s the consensus in the office!

And as we’re all going crazy with our projects for our Mad March theme, we knew you’d love to find out how to transform your home from mundane into a magical wonderland.

And you can’t do that without glitter!

Glitter’s a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it. Personally I think everyone needs some more glitter in their lives, I mean it’s so sparkly and shiny…

Before we get too sidetracked with the shiny glitter, let’s introduce today’s featured contributor on our blog. Sharing her love for color, fantasy, and dreams is the lovely Sandra Kustić Uzur!


Meet today’s featured contributor

SandraBWHi, my name is Sandra and I am from Slovenia.

I’m a wife and a craft maker. I have a lovely cat named Kitty that I adore - she is my princess and my best friend!

I am still in search of my dream job that will allow me to shine so, until then I will pretend that my hobby is my job.

I love colors, fairy tales, magic, sparkle, and I love to dream and sometimes dreams do come true! I’ve recently started my YouTube channel and blog so I’m looking forward to sharing more of my work with you. 

Sandra’s Blog
Sandra’s Instagram
Sandra’s YouTube
Sandra’s Facebook


Sandra’s inspiration came from the amazing projects over on Pinterest - you can view the awesome project which inspired her here.

Are you ready to create a magical unicorn decoration?!

What you will need:

  • Chameleon Pens
  • Chameleon Color Tops
  • Silver sequins
  • White bridal tulle
  • Heart shaped Styrofoam
  • WOW Embossing Glitter
  • Silver pins
  • Marianne Design Craftables flowers die
  • Lea’Bilities Flower Die
  • Cardstock and paper

Now that you’ve got your materials, let’s get creating!


Step 1:
With a pencil, trace around the flower dies onto some paper.

Sandra step 1 


Step 2:
Choose your color combinations.
We’re using the NU00 Nude, BL3 Sky Blue, and PK4 Peony Pink Chameleon Pens with the NU0 Sand, NU2 Light Peach, BG1 Lagoon, BG3 Turquoise, PK2 Dusty Rose, and PK5 Fuchsia Color Tops.


Step 3:

Now it’s time to color the traced flowers using your 3 color combinations.
For the large flowers infuse your pen with the Color Tops for 15-20 seconds, then start coloring from the center of the flower outwards in a circular motion. For the smaller flowers use shorter fuse times.
E.g. for the medium flowers we fused for 11-17 seconds.


Step 4:
Die cut the flowers and shape them using the tools you have.



Step 5:
Assemble the flowers using a silver pin and some sequins.

Step 6:
Create the unicorn horn using some card stock and covering it in glitter. We used WOW Embossing Glitter and heat set it.
Also, cut out the eyes from black card.

Step 7:
Cover the heart shaped Styrofoam with white bridal tulle – this will be the face for our unicorn.



Step 8:
Pin the tulle down and add silver sequins.



Step 9: 

Glue the horn and flowers to the top of the Styrofoam with hot silicone glue and glue the eyes onto the tulle.

 Pinterest inspired Unicorn Heart pic-1

For the finishing touches you can add some ribbon to the back and hang it on a wall or a door. Another cool option would be to glue the finished project onto a canvas, creating the perfect piece of art for a princess room.

Comment below if you’d love to add a bit of magic and sparkle to your next project!

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