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Portrait Coloring Page Tutorial

By Chameleon Art Products
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When it comes to doing arts and crafts activities it’s always important to have the right tools. With our 10 pack collection of Chameleon Color and Blending Systems, each featuring different color schemes, you’ll be spoilt for choice to find the pack that best suits your style of artwork. 

10 Packs The Chameleon Color & Blending System


To showcase the incredible art that you can create with one of our packs, we’ve teamed up with an amazing artist - Angela. Throughout this article, you will find a fantastic step-by-step video tutorial of Angela using the contents of Pack 4 to create an impressive portrait drawing. Plus a free line art download of Angela’s design, so you can have fun coloring in this wonderful design. The Chameleon Color & Blending System Pack 4

The Chameleon Color & Blending System - Pack 4

Artist Bio

Portrait of artist Angela

My name is Angela and I'm an artist of multiple mediums. I do both digital and traditional art. I love experimenting and I'm still looking for new ways to improve my skills. Art's been my passion since I remember, I can't live without creating and art is what keeps me going. I hope to be better and better each day!


Here’s a quote from Angela on why she loves The Chameleon Color and Blending Systems:

“Limited color palettes spark creativity and that's what I love about these sets.” 


To see how Angela created this incredible portrait drawing, watch the step-by-step video tutorial below. 


It really is extraordinary how many different colors Angela incorporated within this drawing using just the contents of The Chameleon Color and Blending System Pack 4! That’s the power of our magical Mixing Chamber, included in the pack which provided Angela with an endless amount of color blending possibilities within her work. 

Angela has shared the line art for this drawing, which you can download here.

Download Angela's Line Art here

We love to see our fellow artists creations, so why not share your finished artwork with The Chameleon Creative Community here.

To get your hands on this amazing pack, visit our online store. Here you will also find all 10 packs from The Chameleon Color & Blending System collection. 

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